In Bardiya 2, Resham Chaudhary’s father is forward by greater than 4 thousand votes

6 November, Bardia. Bardia Area No. Independent candidate Lalvir Chowdhury has maintained his lead with a margin of greater than 4,000 votes. He acquired 12 thousand 887 votes.

CPN Maoist Center candidate Suresh Panth, who’s in second place, has acquired 8 thousand 202 votes. The distinction in votes between Chaudhary and Panth is 4,685.

CPN-UML candidate Pankaj Singh Rathore acquired 4,678 votes and RPP candidate Vinay Rawal acquired 2,632 votes.

Lalvir Choudhary, who has maintained a lead with a large margin of votes, is the daddy of Civil Liberation Party chief Resham Choudhary. After the Election Commission rejected the candidature of Resham Chaudhary, the civil rights get together put forward Chaudhary as a ‘walk-up’ candidate.