Metmani Chaudhary’s lead in Dang 1 is maintained

November 6, Dang. Metmani Chaudhary of the United Samajwadi Party has maintained a lead in Dang space #1. When 4,615 votes had been counted, Chaudhary, the candidate of the ruling coalition, obtained 1,776 votes.

CPN-UML candidate Shanta Chaudhary, who’s following him, obtained 1,151 votes. The distinction between them is 625.

Devraj Pathak of Rashtriya Swatantra Party obtained 937 votes and Surendra Prasad Chaudhary of Civil Liberties Party obtained 453 votes.

Ganga Choudhary (Satgauwa), who left UML and ran as a candidate from our Nepal Party, didn’t get even 100 votes.

As Metmani and Shanta are former colleagues in Dang 1, the competitors between them is being watched with curiosity. After the cut up of CPN-UML, Metmani Madhav joined the Unified Socialist Party of Nepal. He received from Dang 1 within the House of Representatives elections of 2074.

In Dang 2, Rekha Sharma of CPN-Maoist Center and Deepak Giri of Nepali Congress in Dang 3 have maintained their lead.