Sarangkot Sunrise – A nature’s gift

Sarangkot is an alluring high hill located at the outer part of Pokhara city. The place is located at an elevation of about 1700m. The main attraction of Sarangkot is the breathtaking sunrise, sunset and panoramic view of mountains. It is one of the comfortably reached place which offers ample of mountain scenery. It provides you the panoramic views of Annapurna range, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Machhapuchhre(Fishtail), Dhaulagiri and 25 other mountains of 6000 meters height. 

Travelers searching for a short hike, Sarangkot will be the best option.

Sarangkot – A beautiful Hilltop Village

Sarangkot is a small village at top of the hill, which is 5 km away from Pokhara city. It is only of 45 minutes drive from Lakeside of Pokhara. It has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Nepal.

Hordes of domestic and international tourist visits Sarangkot as it is one of the easy trips which gives you memorable experience for life.

People reach early in the morning to view dawn and the first sun rays appearing behind the mountain. The sun rays gradually shatters and falls to the plain region of Pokhara which  squanders the darkness. The view of shining huge Annapurna range overwhelms your soul. The mesmerizing scenery cannot be explained as how it is felt.

Sarangkot offers you one of the best hospitality. It has many guest houses, tea houses and hotels to fulfill your needs and make your stay a worthy one.


There are two option to reach this beautiful place where ethereal play of light and darkness is observed. You can drive from Lakeside or hike.

Option I: Hike from Lakeside Pokhara and night stay at Sarangkot

The Hike to Sarangkot from Lakeside will take 3 hours. You will have a beautiful walk through the forests with the sounds of bird chirping, astonishing view of mountains and entire Pokhara valley. You will hike through the rural settlements of different communities to Sarangkot hill.

The village is famous for seeing para gliders in the sky flying in different colors. Finally, when you reach your destination the view you glance will make you forget all your pain.

During evening, you will have many option for hotels to stay overnight. The next morning, wake up early and enjoy the breathtaking view of sunrise. You will have numerous of picturesque moment. Then, you can have your breakfast with the beautiful view around and hike down the valley.

Option II: Early morning drive to Sarangkot

It takes about 45 minutes drive to Sarangkot. You can hire a jeep,taxi and drive from Lakeside Pokhara. The moments offered by this beautiful place is hardly experienced in life. Every place has its own originality and unique beauty which cannot be compared.