Newari Bhoye – Newari Feast

Newari Bhoye( Newa Bhoye) is a feast of Nepalese people, originated from Newari ethinic group. Mostly, Newars are the indigenous people of Kathmandu valley. Newars are rich in its culture, customs, cuisines and it has its own language(Nepal Bhasa). Newari cuisines is very popular and is served throughout the world.

What is Newari Bhoye?

Newari Bhoye is Newari Feast , which is not an ordinary one but extra-ordinary.  Newari Bhoye is conducted during special occasions and festivals in Newar community. It is also known as lapate bhoye mostly organised to celebrate festivals. Since, the food is served on lapate( leaf plate) it is called lapate bhoye. Guests seat cross-legged in a line on a sukul(straw carpet) which is placed on floor and over a dozen of delicacies are presented. The eldest are served first so the line is placed in a hierarchical order.

One is made seated comfortably on a sukul is because the bhoye has dozen of delicacies to offer. After it is started, one individual cannot finish and get up until and unless everyone finishes.


Females who serves the cuisines are dressed on Haku Patasi(Newar dress). It starts by first serving two handful of baji/chiura(beaten rice) and other dishes are placed next to baji and followed.

After that all the green veggies is served which consists of cauliflower, spinach, (peanuts salad, beans salad, aloo sadeko- which is mixed with ginger-garlic paste and homemade spices.)

Choyela is meat salad which can be of mutton,chicken. But in Newari bhoye buffalo and haas(duck) meat is preferred. Choyela is prepared with the boiled or barbequed meat which is marinated with spices, ginger garlic paste and mustard oil. Bhutan is a fried item which can be of mutton pieces is optional .

Relishes like mula/kakro ko achar( radish/ cucumber relish), aloo ko achar( potato relish) and other similar items are served, adding fried ginger and garlic. A spoonful of sadeko(salad) or fried Bhatmaas(soyabean) is served.

Gravy of buffalo meat is served over chiura which softens the baji and makes easier to swallow. Addition to watery items, alo taama(bamboo shoots with potato and soya beans) is also served in bota(leaf bowl).

When the guests are done with the above delicacies, pau kwa– a sour soup, made up of lapsi(hog plum) is served in the used bota of aloo tama. This will help to digest the food.

In case of deserts, yogurt(Dahi) or frozen yogurt is served. Yogurt is also not the ordinary one but Ju-ju-dhau( King of Yogurts) which is famous and found at Bhaktapur.

Finally, last but not the least a mixture of vegetables and seasonal fruits is served with a pinch of salt.

Now, the bhoye officially ends but still you are not allowed to leave unless the eldest finishes their meal.

Drinks served in Newari Bhoye

There are two types of drinks served on Newari Bhoye.

The first one is Aila (colorless homemade liquor)

The other one is Thon (white beer made of fermented rice).

Both the drinks are served or either of them, one is served. There is a specific jar called Anti and certain ways of serving the drink.

The drink is dropped from the bottom and gradually lifts the jar up to the waist line without dropping out the salincha. The drink is served in salincha(an earthen bowl of metal or mud).