Chhath Puja: Biggest festival of terai region

Chhath is a biggest festival celebrated mainly in terai region. The festival is celebrated by all castes of people. Previously it was famous at plain region but nowadays it is being celebrated in most of the part in Nepal. Chhath festival is dedicated to sun and it is four long day celebration. Devotees follows this puja every year which falls in the month of Kartik. It starts after the end of Tihar.

Chhath is mainly celebrated by the Madhesi community in the terai region. It is one of the hardest festival to accomplish which has many rules to perform the puja. Since, it is been observed that when a person makes a vow and completes the puja accordingly, his/her wishes are fulfilled. So, the festival has brought every caste and cred of people together.

The first day of Chhath festival starts with Nahar Khay Din (take a bath and eat). It means the devotee takes bath and maintains cleanliness everywhere and haves food. All the preparation starts for the festival.

The second day is Kharna ( a sweet dish-khir is offered to goddess Chhati mai). Devotees prepares KHir-chapati and offers to god. After some while the offerings are shared to other in the family member. The khir made this day is always tastier than other normal day’s one.

The Third day is Sajiya ghat( evening worship day). In this day all the offerings prepared to sun is taken to riverbanks, ponds and offered to the setting sun and returns back to home.

Th fourth day or the last day is Bianaiya Ghat(morning worship day). In this day the same offerings are again taken to the Chhatt worship spot. Early in the morning they make a circle of sugarcane plant and lightens Diya. Since, this day people and devotees eagerly waits for the sunrise, sun don’t show up soon. It is always a cloudy morning. Devottes then offers holy water and cow’s milk to the sun and returns back home.