Kukur Tihar: Second day of Tihar

Kukur Tihar is the second day of the Tihar. It is one biggest festival after Dashain in Hindu culture. On this day, dogs are honored and worshiped by feeding them with delicious sweets and dishes. Dogs are also called human’s best friend.

One whole day dedicated to Dogs

Kukur tihar is a whole day devoted for the celebration and worship of dogs. They are worshiped for their loyalty, faithfulness and protecting mankind. Only in Hinduism, animals are worshiped and also believed as god’s messenger.

Dogs are the messenger of Yamaraj, god of death. The four-legged fur being is worshiped by putting red tika in their forehead. Devotees adore them with colorful flower garlands. The flower garlands signifies bestowing respect and love. Delicacies loved by the dogs are also offered.

Love them everyday, Not just Today,

Offer food to stray dogs everyday, not just today.

Strays dogs are also worshiped on this day. Dogs are also known as god Bhairab’s vahan(Vehicle). Not only in Hinduism such celebration should be practiced in every religion. Dogs are the only being who showers their selfless love and guards their owner. Dogs deserves to be honored and loved by everyone.