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Timur has properties to stop mouth most cancers: Dr. Achyuta officer

Timur has a candy style and is used as a spice in Nepali delicacies. Many folks additionally use it as a house treatment. Timur is generally utilized in pickles. Timur is a species with vital medicinal properties wanted for human life. Is timur only for style or does it have medicinal properties? In what situation can Timur be eaten, in what situation is it not? On this topic, a dialog was held with Dr. Achyut Adhikari, Deputy Professor of Chemistry at Tribhuvan University Kirtipur, who has a level in the usage of medicinal vegetation.

How many kinds of Timur are present in Nepal?

There are primarily two kinds of Timur present in Nepal, Boke and Shil Timur. Bok Timur is obtainable in giant portions. Four to 5 kinds of Boke Timur have been present in Nepal. There could also be different kinds of tumors in Nepal however it has not been researched.

Timur spice or drugs?

Timur is definitely a spice. It can be used as drugs in Ayurveda. In allopathy, it can’t be referred to as drugs. It can be utilized as a ‘natural complement’. It will not be utterly medicinal. However, it helps to keep up stability and enhance immunity in some illnesses.

What components or properties are there in Timur?

Timur produces an fragrant oil and contains numerous chemical compounds. Tumur has properties comparable to decreasing ache, killing unhealthy germs within the physique and stopping mouth most cancers.

What does a great Timur style like?

The style of fine Timur might range based on the local weather. However, the style of fine Timur is bitter and bitter.

What are the well being advantages of Timur?

The aromatic oil extracted from Timur prevents tooth decay. Timur oil can be used to keep away from the bites of varied kinds of bugs. Timur has well being advantages comparable to protecting the liver, controlling diabetes and hypertension, killing germs that trigger meals poisoning, decreasing ache and stopping mouth most cancers.

Timur could be blended with what sort of meals?

Timur can be utilized in pickles, fish, meat, beer, sauces, noodles, and many others. Timur could be added to the meals during which chili can be utilized for taste and style.

How a lot Timur must be eaten each day?

The greatest downside is how a lot Timur to make use of. Timur shouldn’t be used an excessive amount of, however how a lot must be used has not been studied. For a very long time we’ve been including about 6 to eight seeds of timur in pickle and it has not affected our physique badly in order that quantity is nice. Only a small quantity of timur must be eaten each day.

Tumur has any unwanted effects or not?

Using an excessive amount of of something has unwanted effects. Likewise, if Timur is utilized in giant portions, it may well have an effect on the liver.

Timur shouldn’t be eaten in some illnesses or there may be drugs in some illnesses?

Timur shouldn’t be eaten in rectal issues comparable to piles, fissures and fistulas. Timur can be utilized as a medication to take away abdomen issues, bone and joint ache and leg ache.


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