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Shankar narrowing the hole with Rekha

7 November, Dang. Shankar Pokhrel, candidate of CPN-UML in Dang space quantity 2, has been narrowing the vote hole with Rekha Sharma of Maoist Center.

Pokhrel, who was behind by nearly two thousand votes till Tuesday (yesterday) night, has diminished the vote difference to 1,600 by Wednesday (as we speak) morning.

According to the vote outcomes this morning, Rekha has bought 14 thousand 107 votes. Shankar Pokhrel, who’s following him, has bought 12,423 votes.

So far Dang space no. 38 thousand 132 votes have been counted in 2. Now space no. 2 votes are being counted for the Provincial Assembly (2). UML General Secretary Shankar Pokhrel’s home is situated on this space.

In the election of November 4, 79 thousand 737 votes had been solid in Dang Region No. 2.


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