Parsa Update: Patel of Congress elected in state meeting

November 6, Birgunj. Nepali Congress has opened an account in Parsa State Assembly.

Shyam Patel of Nepali Congress received in Parsa Constituency No. 2 (1). After defeating Ram Naresh Prasad Yadav of Janata Samajwadi Party by a margin of 1657 votes, Patel was elected as a member of the state meeting.

Patel received 13 thousand 784 votes whereas Ram Naresh Yadav received 12 thousand 127 votes.

Even in 2007, Nepali Congress received from this area. Rajeshwar Prasad of Congress was elected with 10,000 259 votes, whereas Ram Naresh Yadav, who rose from the then Federal Socialist social gathering, was defeated with 10,079 votes.