Indoor sports to do in weekends in Kathmandu

Weekend signifies end of a week. It is something most people look forward to, feels excited and makes plans. Life gets boring if you repeat doing same thing every other day. There are various indoor sports to enjoy in weekends in Kathmandu. So, weekend is a must needed break from one’s daily routine.

Mostly, weekends are Saturday and Sunday in most of the countries but Nepal is one of the few country that has weekend as Saturday only. With the increasing foreign aid companies some collaborative organisations celebrates Saturday and Sunday as their weekends.

There is no rule or ways of spending weekends. It depends on mood and type of people. There are some people who would love to relax in weekends rather going places. And some would love gathering with their friends and family.


There are uncountable activities that can be done during weekends in Kathmandu. People who keeps interest in sports can spend their weekend doing following activities:


Archery is a sport that helps participants calm his/her mind, focus and creates firm body postures, which is very useful traits to work in any fields. It is no less than meditation which increases one’s consciousness.

The Best Archer is the first indoor archery established in Nepal located in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. You can gather with your friends and family and enjoy the sport in a fun way.


The Best Archery provides a spacious parking, free internet and cafeteria facility. They also sell and repair bows.

Opening Days and Time: Sun-Sat (7am to 9pm)

Rates: 30 minutes – Rs. 400, 1 hour – Rs. 600


Wall climbing is generally a sport which engages nearly all major muscle groups in human body. Rock climbing is a sport that builds one’s confidence, trust and increases focus. It is normally a whole body workout. This sport also helps burning your other weekdays calories and frustration.

There are numerous of climbing spots in Kathmandu. Google out the climbing centres according to your accessibility. Make sure you find a genuine one with all safety services.

Astrek Climbing Wall is located in Thamel,Astrek complex. It offers Nepal’s tallest climbing wall at 50 feet high and with more other interesting services. They also have bouldering walls for those who enjoy full bodied clim.


The wall climbing center has a bar and serves good food. It also offers with free internet and music system coverage which boosts participants energy. They have backup generator to provide electricity during power cuts.

Rates: Saturday – Rs.450

Provides equipment needed for climbing on rent with related charges.

Open time: Sat-Sun : 8AM – 8PM