Youths of Birgunj handover their clothes to the Government as tax

Youths of Birgunj protesting against tax payment (Image Source: Youths of Birgunj)

The Chairman of Nepal Communist Party for Birgunj Metropolis Rahbar Ansari along with youths of Birgunj protests on Finance Minister recent decision. Government has extended the deadline for the payment of business and individual taxes for two weeks. Earlier, the government had asked citizens to pay their taxes by June 7.

Likewise, under the leadership of Finance Minister the Inland Revenue department issued a notice to be charging penal for not paying the taxes by June 7.

Amidst of the heavy rain, Ansari and other protesters criticized the government’s decision. The protesters were protesting by themselves  being half naked on the main roads of Birgunj. Ansari along with personnel has criticized government calls for tax payment a wrong decision. The country was under complete lock down since past two months while all the businesses were shut down.

Worker giving message, “Citizens are Starving” ( Image Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, Ansari quotes to the Finance Minister through his social media channel as:

Honorable Minister of finance,

Nepali citizens are no longer in the position of paying tax. Fragrance don’t come out from a dead body. It is an inhuman act to force for donating blood where a body lacks blood.

Ansari also adds as , ” Please accept what so ever price comes by selling our clothes and accept it as tax. Now, public has nothing to provide you more than these clothes. Also, urges for not using the money received in an illegal act.



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