“Police my friend” throws water cannons and batons at a peaceful protest

Water cannons being stormed at a protester (Image credit: DGS Media)

Youths in Kathmandu held a peaceful protest outside the official residence of Prime Minister in Baluwatar. The protest was against the bland handling of the government during the global pandemic. In response to the peaceful protest, police personnel charged the protesters with water cannons and police batons.

The population gathered for the protest was over 150 numbers. The main agenda of the protest focused on government to maximize Polymerase Chain Reaction tests and upgrade the government quarantine standards. Added to the agenda, people also demanded government to come up with strategic alternatives rather increase the lock down.

Attendee holding a placard with slogan (Image credit: Nepali Times)

The protest was against the current governance by KP Sharma Oli. Although, the country is under complete lock down for the past two months, the coronavirus cases is multiplying with each passing day.

Participants attended the protest by wearing masks and holding placards with slogan. However, police personnel ‘Police my friend’ stormed with water cannons and also chased the protesters from PM’s residence to Naxal Bhatbhateni.

Participants protesting by holding placards (Image Credit: DGS Media)

“Police used force to clear protesters who were disobeying lock down orders” said Senior Superintendent Shyam Gyawali. Gyawali is chief of the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Range.

“What a disgrace! This happened today during a peaceful socially distanced rally (at Baluwatar) urging the government to ramp up PCR tests and improve quarantine facilities. Looks like the government cannot tolerate any form of protest that displays their incompetence.”was tweeted by a youth. Similarly, today’s act of security personnel came under heavy criticism in social media.



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