You can eat flour with confidence, why not flour?

Masham, Chowmeen, Samosa, Roti, Paratha, Chips, Biscuits, Noodles, Thukpa. These are the record of our every day snacks, that are produced from maida. This implies that flour has grow to be necessary in our weight loss program. But docs say, ‘Eating maida just isn’t correct for well being.’

Why is maida known as ‘do not eat’? How is flour made? What does starchy meals do to the physique?

Difference between Atta and Maida

Atta is nature and flour is distortion. Wheat is the very best meals amongst grains. It accommodates fiber, nutritional vitamins and minerals. Atta is ready with out destroying its pure properties. Flour is made by eradicating the pure properties of wheat, by which the vitamins are destroyed.

To make flour, the husk is faraway from the wheat and the white half is floor very finely. Flour is ready by combining the pure properties of wheat and bleaching it to make it vibrant, white and glossy and a few chemical compounds are additionally added. Therefore, flour is considered wholesome and flour is taken into account unhealthy.

The dough is digestible. Atta kinds an alkaline substance and it digests simply. But when the flour reaches the abdomen, it creates acidic substances. The extra acid in our physique, the extra dangerous it’s.

Addition of additional chemical compounds to the flour

Bleaching chemical compounds are used to make maida white and glossy. Some minerals and chemical compounds are additionally used which cut back the vitamins in wheat. Airtight baggage are used to pack flour. Food by which air doesn’t stream simply is unhealthy.

Flour just isn’t inedible however unhealthy

Maida is extra dangerous than inedible. If cleaning soap is blended with meals, it turns into inedible, as a result of cleaning soap is inedible. Maida might be eaten however it isn’t wholesome. Maida might be known as a dangerous meals. 80 to 90 % of the world’s meals is flour. But it does extra hurt than good to our well being.

When making maida, the wheat husk is eliminated first. There is fiber within the bark. After eradicating the bark, there was no fiber in it. Grains comprise nutritional vitamins. If you wash it too finely, the nutritional vitamins in it is going to even be destroyed. The innermost a part of the grain accommodates micro vitamins ‘minerals’. After grinding and squeezing an excessive amount of, the minerals in it are additionally destroyed. Thus it turns into dangerous in any case its properties are destroyed.

The tongue rejoiced within the flour

We started to focus extra on tasty meals than wholesome ones. Without taking note of the physique of 60 kg, we’re beneath the management of the tongue of 60 grams. Which made us like flour based mostly meals extra and the meals produced from the identical flour turned extra out there available in the market.

If we eat wheat bran, porridge and atypical flour, we’re old style. If we eat bread and desserts produced from the identical wheat flour, we grow to be Sahariya. Therefore, in a bid to modernize the Sahara, individuals started to eat extra meals produced from flour and a lot of the meals out there available in the market began to be produced from flour.

Atta digests simply, flour doesn’t

Fiber within the peel of flour provides power to our intestines. Fiber is required to interrupt down and digest meals. But the peel is thrown away whereas making flour. Due to the dearth of fiber, flour can’t be correctly digested by our abdomen, which causes constipation, indigestion, lack of urge for food, and cholesterol.

Mealy meals is nice just for style and to fill the abdomen. But it’s dangerous for a wholesome physique.

Eat flour with confidence

Atta may be very wholesome. But these days flour can also be discovered available in the market with chemical processing. You ought to take note of that. Otherwise, the dough will likely be eaten safely. Chowmin noodles are additionally made with flour available in the market now. Masham will also be produced from flour. Even when you eat trendy issues, it’s higher to eat flour.

(Dr. Raju Adhikari is a dietitian and yoga teacher. He has written a e book on vitamin, ‘How to Eat, How to Drink?’)

Based on a conversation with Sumitra Luitel