While congratulating Pukar Bomb, Rajesh Hamal said- the keenness and experience of the youth needs to be dropped at the House.

Kathmandu. The upcoming House of Representatives and State Assembly elections have heated up the nation. Some celebrities are even within the election competitors, whereas some celebrities are brazenly asking for votes in favor of political events and candidates.

Even although he has a particular curiosity in society and politics, actor Rajesh Hamal will not be seen to favor any political celebration or candidate. But he has wished good luck to Pukar Bam, the member of the House of Representatives of Kathmandu-1 from the National Independent Party.

In the election particular dialogue with Bam, Hamal steered to be part of the change. Actor Hamal mentioned that society is stricken by unhealthy political tradition and it’s essential to deliver succesful and skilled management to the House to free the nation from it.

He was of the opinion that if the zeal and experience of the younger technology might be dropped at the parliament, the nation would eliminate the distortions and anomalies.