Voting can be held in Patu Vangaon Mavi of Dang Tulsipur until 7 pm

4 November, Dang. Voting can be held in Tulsipur sub-metropolitan city-10 Patu Vangaon Mavi polling station underneath Dang space quantity 3 until 7 pm.

After 45 individuals had voted within the ‘C’ polling station, it was discovered that no votes had been forged within the House of Representatives, and the voting was stopped. After that, through the investigation, it was discovered that the workers didn’t give the poll papers of the House of Representatives, however solely these of the Provincial Assembly.

Due to this dispute, the voting was stopped for a number of hours, so the voting time was fastened until night. Election Officer of Dang Region No. 3, Dolanath Neupane, mentioned that attributable to a technical error, two hours have been added to the predetermined time for voting.

The Election Commission had fastened the polling time from 7 am to five pm right now.