UML collapsed when ringing the bell in Kathmandu, Maoist uncovered

November 7, Kathmandu. With the rise of the National Independent Party (RASP) led by Ravi Lamichhane within the central capital Kathmandu, CPN-UML has reached Khumchin. Nepali Congress has elevated one seat, whereas CPN Maoist Center, CPN Integrated Socialist and different events didn’t enter the competitors.

In the 2074 election, UML gained in 6 out of 10 constituencies in Kathmandu. Congress candidates gained within the remaining 4 constituencies. This time the result’s reversed. UML has misplaced its hegemony.

In 2074, UML gained in Region No. 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9. Madhav Kumar Nepal gained 2nd, Krishna Bahadur Rai third, Ishwar Pokharel fifth, Ramveer Manandhar seventh, Jeevanram Shrestha eighth and Krishna Gopal Shrestha ninth.

Among these, Nepal and Jeevan Ram Shrestha have been within the CPN United Socialist Party, which was shaped after the UML broke away. Out of those, solely Constituency No. 9 has been saved by UML. Krishnagopal Shrestha has once more gained from space quantity 9. Candidates of National Independent Party and Congress have gained within the remaining areas.

This time, out of 10 constituencies in Kathmandu, the National Independent Party alone has gained 3 areas and is near successful one space. Candidates of RSVP Constituency No. 2 to Sovita Gautam, Area no. 7 to Ganesh Parajuli and space no. Virajbhakta Shrestha was elected from 8. Area No. Shishir Khanal of Rashtriya Swatantra Party is near victory in sixth.

On behalf of the Nepali Congress, Region No. Prakashman Singh was elected from 1, Santosh Chalise from 3, Gagan Kumar Thapa from 4, Pradeep Paudel from 5 and Rajendra Kumar KC from 10.

Constituency No. gained by Congress in 074. 6 have misplaced this time. 074 in space no. Bhimsendas Pradhan, who gained from 6, rose from the identical space this time too. However, RSVP candidate Shishir remained behind Khanal.

Constituency No. 1 to 074 rivals have been seen in the primary competitors. However, Prakashman of Congress gained with a margin of lower than 074 votes. Prakashman, who defeated Ravindra Mishra by a margin of 818 votes in 074, has gained this time by a margin of 125 votes. Prakashman received 7 thousand 143 votes whereas Mishra received 7 thousand 18 votes.

Pukar Bam of Rashtriya Swatantra Party received 4 thousand 115 votes, Kiran Paudel of UML received 3 thousand 532 votes, Ramesh Prasad Kharel of Nepal Sushak Party received 3 thousand 124 votes.

Kathmandu Area No. Sovita Gautam was adopted by UML candidate Maniram Phuyal from 2. While Gautam gained with 15 thousand 229 votes, Phuyal received 11 thousand 555 votes. RPP candidate Kuntidevi Pokharel received 11 thousand 14 votes from this space, whereas the frequent candidate of the ruling coalition, former Speaker Onsari Gharti, stood fourth. Onsari received solely 9,449 votes.

Area No. On 3, Santosh Chalise of Congress gained with 15 thousand 158 votes. UML’s Krishna Kumar Rai was competing with him. He received 11 thousand 196 votes. Badri Prasad Bajgai of the Maoist Center who got here third received 518 votes. Here, the 2 elements of the ruling coalition, the Congress and the Maoist Center have been in ‘pleasant’ competitors.

Area No. Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa scored a hat-trick by successful this time from 4. Gagan defeated his previous rival Rajan Bhattarai of UML by greater than 7000 votes. While Thapa gained with 21 thousand 302 votes, Bhattarai received 13 thousand 855 votes. Dr. Thakur Mohan Shrestha of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, who got here third, received 4,000 votes.

Area No. The election results of 5 is extra fascinating. Ishwar Pokharel, who can also be the senior vice chairman of UML, was defeated from Kathmandu 5. UML was anticipated to win simply from this area. But the younger Congress candidate Pradeep Paudel gained with 15,237 votes. UML’s Pokharel received a complete of 10,175 votes. Pranay Shamsher Rana of Rashtriya Swatantra Party, who got here third, received 3,155 votes.

Area No. The election results of 7 can also be fascinating. Ganesh Parajuli of the Rashtriya Swatantra Party not solely left behind the previous and established events, but additionally didn’t enable the candidates of the events who contested the elections by forming alliances to contest. While Parajuli gained with 8 thousand 743 votes, UML’s Shyam Kumar Ghimire received 6 thousand 800 votes.

Manushiyami Bhattarai (Asmita Singh), the candidate of the five-party energy alliance, received 6,063 votes. Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) candidate Rajendra Prasad Shrestha received a complete of two,461 votes. Ramveer Manandhar, who beforehand gained from UML, however this time, because the get together didn’t give him a ticket, Ramveer Manandhar, who contested as an unbiased, couldn’t come to the competition.

Area No. Virajbhakta Shrestha of the National Independent Party was elected from 8. Established events couldn’t compete with Shrestha. While Virajbhakta gained with 10 thousand 105 votes, Suman Saimy of our Nepali Party got here second with 6 thousand 174 votes.

Jeevan Ram Shrestha of the CPN Unified Socialist, who can also be the Minister of Tourism, got here third. He received a complete of 4,266 votes. In this space, UML candidate Shiv Sunder Rajvaidya couldn’t be seen within the competitors.

Kathmandu Area No. In 9 and 10, the previous faces are repeated. From 9, Krishnagopal Shrestha of CPN-UML gained with 11,956 votes, whereas Tek Bahadur Pokharel of National Independent Party received 10,961 votes. On behalf of the facility coalition, Kalpana Dhamala of CPN-Maoist Center received 6,402 votes whereas Milan Pandey of Common Party Nepal received 1,850 votes.

Area No. Rajendra Kumar KC of Congress was elected unopposed from 10. The ruling coalition on this area was additionally damaged. The Maoist heart had chosen its personal candidate. However, KC gained alone.

When KC was elected with 14 thousand 458 votes, UML’s Himes KC received 11 thousand 786 votes. Pradeep Bista of Rashtriya Swatantra Party, who was in third place, received 8,726 votes and Balram Thapa of RPP received 6,056 votes. Anjana Vishankhe of the Maoist Center, who broke the alliance with the Congress, received 5,262 votes.