Three peregrine falcon chicks, new “tenants” of the Etopia rooftop in Zaragoza

FĂ©lix, Valeria and Fidel are the three new peregrine falcon chicks that may reside on the roof of Etopia, the place they’ve been supplied with protected lodging in a nest field till they’ll lead their lives independently.

These three peregrine falcon chicks are a part of a municipal program to advertise and consolidate the nesting of this species within the metropolis.

Until they’re unbiased, they are going to be fed twice a day by workers from the Parks and Gardens and Green Infrastructure Service, although they may don’t have any direct contact with their human “assistants.” It is, thus, that they develop their very own customs and instincts in the identical means as if that they had been born in the midst of nature.

The Etopia terrace has been chosen as it’s a protected and quiet house that may permit the chicks to progress of their progress with out threat of falls and protected against the climate.

In addition, being positioned comparatively on the outskirts of Zaragoza, the dangers of accidents with automobiles are minimized and they’ll have a protected house for his or her first flights, after they happen.

The hawks will assist sooner or later to naturally management the presence of different species which were settling within the city space, akin to pigeons, inflicting harm to buildings and infrastructures.