The world’s unusual killer, who killed folks and ate their genitals

Murder itself is a critical crime. But there are some murders, during which even after the homicide, the prison commits one other crime by torturing the useless physique.

Armin Mewes, who lives in Rotenberg, Germany, known as a person to his home and killed him, then reduce off the personal components of the individual and cooked them. Not solely that, he additionally ready a video of all of the occasions.

Armin is a pc technician by profession. This incident occurred in 2001. Armin known as a person named Bernard Brandes to his home in Rotenberg and killed him.

After the homicide, he reduce off his genitals and cooked them after which took a video of the entire course of and uploaded it on the web site.

Armin was arrested by the police in 2002 for the crime of homicide. In 2004, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Although now his jail sentence has been paid.

Armin claims that the individual he killed contacted him as a volunteer. He claims that Brandes contacted him based mostly on the commercial he positioned on his web site.

According to him, the variety of folks hooked on consuming human flesh in Germany is about 800. He mentioned that these folks wished to ascertain a relationship with the divine energy of the world by consuming human flesh.

During his testimony in courtroom, Armin mentioned that he had a dream of consuming human flesh since his childhood.

He mentioned that after the dying of his mom, he transformed considered one of his bathrooms right into a slaughterhouse.

Armin killed Brandes and never solely ate his genitals, however stored all of the flesh within the refrigerator for 10 months and cooked it every day.