The Supreme rejects the nullity incidents of Griñán and ten others convicted by the ERE

The Supreme Court has rejected the motions for nullity formulated by the previous socialist president of the Junta de Andalucía, José Antonio Griñán, and ten others convicted by the Seville Court, for the precise process for financing fraudulent EREs and arbitrary help to firms , towards the judgment rejecting his appeals towards the sentences imposed by the Provincial Court.

In a 120-page order issued on February 16, the Supreme Court addresses the annulment incidents raised towards his sentence by the representations of Griñán, the previous Minister of Finance Carmen Martínez Aguayo, the previous Vice Minister of the Presidency and former General Director of Budgets of the Board of Andalusia Vicente Lozano, the previous Minister of the Presidency Gaspar Zarrías, the previous Minister of Innovation Francisco Vallejo, the previous Minister of Employment and Technological Development José Antonio Viera, the previous Minister of Employment Antonio Fernández, the previous Vice Minister of Employment Agustín Barberá, the previous director of the company IDEA Miguel Ángel Serrano, the previous General Director of Labor Juan Márquez and the previous Vice Minister of Innovation Jesús María Rodríguez Román.

“It just isn’t applicable to entry the requests for suspension of the execution of the sentence, serious about completely different assets, since they aren’t admitted for processing, this being an unavoidable requirement for the suspensions to proceed,” the Supreme Court specifies, since at present, Carmen Martínez Aguayo, Vallejo, Viera, Antonio Fernández, Miguel Ángel Serrano and Jesús María Rodríguez Román are already serving their respective jail phrases.

In the case of Griñán, the First Section of the Seville Court agreed to postpone its determination on whether or not or to not enter jail to serve six years and two days in jail, “till the radiotherapy periods are accomplished” for the remedy that has begun. because of the prostate most cancers that has been identified.

In relation to Barberá, he has additionally requested to droop his imprisonment alleging that he suffers from a really critical sickness with incurable situations and with respect to Juan Márquez, the Court has already agreed to quickly droop his imprisonment, after the Supreme Court lowered the jail sentence from seven years and at some point in jail to a few years, when appreciating the analogical mitigation of reparation for the injury.

Particular vote of two magistrates who present their discrepancy

As within the judgment relating to the decision of the appeals, this order of the Supreme Court has two explicit votes, issued by the magistrates Ana María Ferrer and Susana Polo, who invoke their explicit vote relating to the classifications utilized to Griñán, the previous administrators Francisco Vallejo and Carmen Martínez Aguayo, the previous common director of IDEA Miguel Ángel Serrano Aguilar and the previous vice-director of Innovation Jesús María Rodríguez Román.

“A great a part of the arguments that that vote incorporates, are accepted within the writings that urge the annulment introduced by the procedural representations of those 5 condemned, all of them outdoors the Ministry of Employment. In this coincidence we perceive that they need to be estimated, subsequently, As we concluded when formulating that exact opinion, these 5 convictions, in our opinion, violate the assure of presumption of innocence,” the magistrates point out.