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The sailboat that left the port of Seville to recreate the circumnavigation of the Magellan-Elcano world tour disappears in Guam

The affiliation Friends of the Great Spanish Navigators and Explorers has reported by way of its web site that the Pros sailboat, which left Seville in August 2019 to recreate the Magellan-Elcano Around the World, has disappeared from the port of Apra within the Guam Island, the place it was anchored, after the passage of Typhoon Mawar.

The crew members, beneath the course of Captain José Solá and following the directions of the Port Authority, had taken all of the measures of their energy to safe the ship towards the upcoming passage of the storm, earlier than confining themselves on land.

During the hours that the storm has lasted, they’ve managed the scenario of the sailboat till it has been attainable by way of the GPS locator put in on the boat. In this fashion they’ve been in a position to confirm that within the first hours of the passage of the storm the ship moved from its anchoring place, regardless of the extra measures applied to make sure it.

In reality, yesterday the port captain supplied {a photograph} of the ship taken from an incredible distance, during which it was seen that it was leaning towards the pillar of a pier. However, the wind continued to select up and at night time the GPS sign stopped updating.

The crew, who had been nonetheless confined to the home, couldn’t method the port at night time. With the sunshine and the advance of the circumstances, it was right now when it was attainable to make a visible inspection of the bay of the port of Apra and it was discovered that the sailboat was not there. The port authority and the US Coast Guard haven’t discovered, no less than till now, any signal of her scenario.



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