The Prosecutor’s Office requests 12 years in jail for Rus for the ‘zombies’ and raises the sentence for the ‘cash junkie’

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has elevated the sentence for Imelsa’s former supervisor, Marcos Benavent, self-described ‘cash junkie’, by eliminating the mitigating circumstance of remorse. In this manner, he asks for 12 years in jail in comparison with the 9 and a half that he initially requested. He makes the identical request for the previous president of the Diputación and the PP of the province of Valencia Alfonso Rus for components B and F of the Imelsa case, generally known as these of the ‘zombies’, workers who had been paid with out working or did so in a special place to the general public firm that paid them.

This is how the prosecutor has superior when he has raised his conclusions to remaining within the trial that’s being adopted within the Valencia Court for the so-called Imelsa case, through which 25 individuals have been tried -initially there have been 26 however it was agreed to depart one in every of them for a separate procedure–. Eleven of the defendants have acknowledged the legal acts and have reached an settlement with the accusations, for which they’ve been sentenced to 14 months in jail.

Among the individuals tried on this process is Rus, the previous sub-delegate of the Government in Valencia and former deputy Rafael Rubio (PSPV), the previous regional secretary of Education Máximo Caturla and the previous deputy of the PP Salvador Enguix.

Petition for penalties

This is the second trial of the Imelsa macro-cause, since in May 2022 the primary one was judged, the one associated to Thematica, with the previous supervisor of the general public firm Imelsa, Marcos Benavent, the self-styled ‘cash junkie’, as major defendant and who was sentenced to eight years in jail.

The Prosecutor’s Office maintains the 12-year jail time period for Alfonso Rus for the crimes of belonging to a legal group, a steady crime of embezzlement of public funds, administrative prevarication and falsification of an official doc dedicated by a public official.

For the previous regional secretary of Education Máximo Caturla and the previous chief of employees of Rus, Emilio Llopis, he claims the identical penalty as for the previous president of the Provincial Council for an identical crimes, along with a superb and disqualification.

For Marcos Benavent, the general public prosecutor’s workplace has raised his sentence and calls for 12 years in jail by eliminating the mitigating circumstance of repentance from his provisional temporary – initially he was requested for 9 and a half years in jail.

For his half, for the previous provincial deputy and former sub-delegate of the Government in Valencia Rafael Rubio -also investigated in what is called the Azud case-, the prosecutor maintains his six years in jail though he modifies the authorship of the crime of personal forgery by the of falsification of a public doc, though this alteration has not meant a rise in sentence, because the prosecutor has transferred to the trial courtroom.