The majority of the ruling coalition within the Bagmati Provincial Assembly

11 November, Kathmandu. The Nepali Congress has change into the most important occasion within the closing outcomes of 60 out of 66 provincial meeting constituencies of Bagmati province. He gained 22 seats whereas CPN UML and CPN Maoist Center gained 12 seats every.

Similarly, Rashtriya Prajatantra Party gained 7 seats, CPN United Socialist Party gained 5 seats, Our Nepal Party and Nepal Labor Farmers Party gained 1/1 seat every.

According to the proportional system, when 1.5 million votes had been counted, CPN-UML is in first place, Nepali Congress is in second place, RPP is in third place and Unified Samajwadi is in fourth place. The help of 56 MPs is required to kind a authorities within the 110-seat state meeting.

The variety of seats gained by Congress, Maoist Center and United Socialists within the ruling coalition reaches 39. Looking on the votes acquired by the events to date on the proportional aspect, it appears that evidently the ruling coalition is as soon as once more standing in a single place and can get the required majority for the formation of the federal government in Bagmati province.

As of Sunday night, 1,456,000 votes had been counted for the proportional illustration of the Bagmati State Assembly.

Maoist Center obtained 2 lakh 12 thousand 443 votes, Nepal Labor Farmers Party obtained 64 thousand 150 votes, United Socialist Party obtained 42 thousand 474 votes and our Nepali Party obtained 42 thousand 222 votes.

Who gained the place?

Out of 6 state meeting constituencies of Chitwan, UML has gained 2 seats, Congress, Maoist Center, United Samajwadi Party and RPP have gained 1/1 seat every. From UML, Jagannath Thapalia has been elected in Chitwan-1 (1) and Krishna Prasad Silwal has been elected in Chitwan-2 (1).

Uttam Joshi was elected from Congress in Chitwan-2 (1), Thakur Prasad Dhakal from Maoist Center in Chitwan-3 (2), Krishna Prasad Khanal from United Socialist Party in Chitwan-1 (2), Gir Bahadur Tamang from RPR in Chitwan-3 (1).

Out of 20 provincial meeting constituencies in Kathmandu, Congress has gained 8 seats, RPP 5 seats, UML 4 seats, United Samajwadi Party 2 seats and our Nepali Party 1 seat.

From Congress, Dipendra Shrestha in Kathmandu-1 (1), Surajchandra Lamichhane in Kathmandu-1 (2), Chiring Dorje Lama in Kathmandu-3 (1), Bimal Thakuri in Kathmandu-3 (2), Sri Ram in Kathmandu-4 (1). Shyam Bahadur Khadka was elected in Lamichhane, Kathmandu-5 (2), Hariprabha Khadgi in Kathmandu-6 (1) and Pukar Maharjan from Kathmandu-10 (a).

From RPP, Sunil KC in Kathmandu-2 (1), Raju Bista in Kathmandu-2 (2), Rajendra Prajapati in Kathmandu-5 (1), Uddhav Thapa from Kathmandu-8 (2), Nuraj Bajracharya from Kathmandu-9 (A). have been elected.

From UML, Jairam Thapa has been elected in Kathmandu-4 (1), Aman Kumar Maske in Kathmandu-6 (2), Prakash Shrestha in Kathmandu-7 (2) and Keshav Prasad Pokharel in Kathmandu-9 (2).

Basant Manandhar was elected in Kathmandu-7(1) and Rama Ale in Kathmandu-10(2) from United Samajwadi Party. Shailendraman Bajracharya has been elected from our Nepali Party in Kathmandu-8 (1).

Among the 4 provincial meeting constituencies of Kavrepalanchok, Congress has gained 2, CPN Maoist Center and Ekikurt Samajwadi have gained 1/1 every. Tirtha Lama was elected from Kavre-1 (1) and Kanchanchandra Bade from Kavre-2 (2) from Congress. Ratnaprasad Dhakal was elected from Maoist in Kavre-1 (1) and Lakshman Lamsal was elected from Kavre-2 (a) from the United Socialist Party.

Out of 4 provincial meeting constituencies in Dhading, Congress has gained 2, Maoist Center and RPP 1 every. Madukumar Shrestha was elected from Congress in Dhading-1 (1) and Gobind Lamsal in Dhading-2 (1).

Shalikram Jamkattel was elected from Maoist in Dhading-1 (2) and Dambar Tamang was elected from RPP in Dhading-2 (2).

Among the 4 state meeting constituencies of Bhaktapur, Congress, UML, Nepal Labor Farmers Party and United Samajwadi have gained one seat every.

Suresh Shrestha from Congress in Bhaktapur-1 (1), Kiran Thapamar from UML in Bhaktapur-2 (1), Surendraraj Gosain from Nepal Labor Kisan Party in Bhaktapur-1 (2) and

Rajendraman Shrestha has been elected in Bhaktapur-2 (2) from Integrated Samajwadi.

Among the 4 provincial meeting constituencies of Makwanpur, the Maoist heart has gained 2 seats, Nepali Congress and CPN-UML have gained 1 seat every.

Prem Bahadur Pulami and Makwanpur-2 (1) Kumari Moktan have been elected from the Maoist heart in Makwanpur-1 (1). Indra Bahadur Baniyan was elected from Makwanpur-2 (2) from Congress and Ekalal Shrestha from Makwanpur-1 (2) from UML.

The Congress and the Maoist Center have gained 1 every in two state meeting constituencies in Rasuwa. Prabhat Tamang gained in Rasuwa-1 (1) from Congress, whereas Indra Prasad Gotame was elected from Maoist Center in Rasuwa-2 (2).

The Maoist Center has gained each the state meeting constituencies of Ramechhap. Taranarayan Shrestha was elected in Ramechhap-1 (1), and Yuvraj Chaulagai was elected in Ramechhap-1 (2).

UML has gained 4 out of 6 state meeting constituencies in Lalitpur and Congress has gained 2.

From UML, Madhusudan Poudel was elected in Lalitpur-1 (1), Rameshwar Shrestha in Lalitpur-2 (1), Raghunath Maharjan from Lalitpur-3 (a) and Prembhakta Maharjan from Lalitpur-3 (b).

Meenkrishna Maharjan has been elected from Lalitpur-1 (2) and Ramakrishna Chitrakar has been elected from Lalitpur-2 (2).

Congress and Maoists have gained 2 seats every out of 4 state meeting constituencies in Sindhupalchok. From Congress, Masina Khadka was elected in Sindhupalchok-1 (1) and Krishna Kumar Tamang was elected in Sindhupalchok-2 (2).

Saral Sahayatri Poudel and Yuvraj Dulal have been elected in Sindhupalchok-1 (2) from Maoist.

In 2 out of 4 provincial meeting constituencies of Sindhuli, 1 every from Nepali Congress, CPN Maoist Center and Nepal Samajwadi Party have been elected.

From Congress, Ramkumar Pahadi was elected in Sindhuli-1 (2) and Kshetra Bahadur Bamjan in Sindhupalchok-2 (1).

Matrikaprasad Bhattarai has been elected from Maoist Center in Sindhuli-1 (1) and Ganganarayan Shrestha has been elected from Sindhuli-2 (2) from Nepal Samajwadi Party. The Nepal Samajwadi Party participated within the election below the Maoist election image.