The left assaults the “lack of patriotism” and the “greed” of Ferrovial and Ayuso takes “Tito Berni” out of them

The determination of Ferrovial and its president, Rafael del Pino, to maneuver its headquarters to the Netherlands has jumped to the plenary session of the Madrid Assembly. The left has lashed out harshly towards the “modern patriot” who has been reminded that he has taken 4 million euros for the upkeep of the Zendal hospital, whereas the president of Madrid got here out in his protection.

“Now they’ve the face of insulting businessmen and corporations like Real Madrid, like Ferrovial. They cannot have the hardest face,” Ayuso replied. It has been the one point out that he has product of the development firm although PSOE and United We Can have reproached him for siding with the development firm.

“Think as much as 10 earlier than applauding the shortage of patriotism of an organization that decides to go away Madrid with what it owes to the Community. Tell us who you’re with. With the individuals who anticipate public providers or with greed,” the secretary warned. basic of the Madrid socialists, Juan Lobato. “Your authorities is that of indecency,” the spokesperson for United We Can, Alejandra Jacinto, had reproached him minutes earlier than.

Think as much as 10 earlier than applauding the shortage of patriotism of an organization that decides to go away Madrid (Juan Lobato)

Three months after the regional and municipal elections in May, Ayuso has most popular to hit the PSOE the place it hurts essentially the most and reply with the Mediator case and with “Tito Berni” (the socialist deputy allegedly the chief of the corruption plot that dots the PSOE) . The Madrid president has not stopped mentioning her by that alias greater than a dozen instances to the delight of her bench and has requested the socialist spokesperson if any deputy in Congress elected by Madrid participated in Tito Berni’s festivities

Tito Berni has destroyed the top of the legislature (Isabel Díaz Ayuso)

“Tell me if there may be any deputy within the Congress elected by Madrid who participated in Tito Berni’s festivities, Tito Berni”, the favored baroness questioned the socialist Lobato to then deal the ultimate blow. “Tito Berni has destroyed the top of the legislature,” she pokes.

In his sauce, he has taken the chance to recollect one of many interventions in Congress by Deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo -‘Tito Berni’- through which he criticized the Government of the Community of Madrid for maintaining outlets and resorts open within the midst of a pandemic. “The one who mentioned that there have been extra infections outdoors houses than inside. He needed to say it from expertise,” he ironized.