The Court of Lugo acquits the one defendant for the double crime of Cash Record

The court docket concludes that there’s not sufficient proof to convict him The prosecution, exercised by the households, requested 28 years in jail The Prosecutor’s Office had not filed prices as a result of it didn’t discover “enough proof”

The Provincial Court of Lugo has acquitted the one defendant for the double crime of Cash Record, which occurred on April 30, 1994 within the O Ceao industrial property, on the understanding that there’s inadequate proof to convict him of a double homicide.

In that crime, framed inside a theft within the institution, Esteban Carballedo (26 years outdated) and Elena López (32), inventory clerk and grocery store cashier, had died. Both had been shot once they had been ending their workday and 5 million pesetas had disappeared from the field.

Almost 29 years later, the Provincial Court of Lugo sat on the bench the one suspect, MJVC, a hotelier who at the moment ran a restaurant in Lugo and who was a daily buyer of the grocery store.

During the trial, the suspect categorically denied his involvement within the occasions. He assured that he was working that day and defined that he was merely a buyer of the institution as a result of he was going to purchase alcohol for his bar.

During the trial, the Prosecutor’s Office didn’t carry prices in opposition to the defendant, contemplating that “there was inadequate proof to destroy the presumption of innocence” and blame him for the double homicide. The non-public prosecution filed by the households of the victims requested 28 years in jail.

But the Court considers that there’s not sufficient proof to position him on the day of the crime within the grocery store. The particulars of the sentence will probably be identified all through this Friday.