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The court docket didn’t give justice, the voters despatched it

14 November, Kathmandu. In Sunsari-3, UML candidate Bhagwati Choudhary defeated influential Congress chief Vijay Kumar Gachchdar by 4761 votes. While Chaudhary received 32 thousand 417 votes, Gachchdar, who was additionally suspended for corruption, received solely 27 thousand 656 votes.

In Kathmandu-5, Nepal Congress candidate Pradeep Paudel was elected by getting about 5 thousand extra votes (15,269) than his nearest competitor Ishwar Pokharel of UML. Pokharel received solely 10 thousand 190 votes. In Sankhuwasabha-1, Congress’s Deepak Khadka received 32 thousand 158 votes and defeated Congress’s Rajendra Gautam by about 5.5 thousand votes.

There is one similarity between these three individuals, they had been defeated final time in the course of the election dispute they usually received justice from the court docket even after 5 years. They have now been elected with an enormous margin. Apart from Paudel, two different candidates have defeated the competing candidates who raised questions within the court docket.

Paudel of Congress: He was defeated by 5 votes

Congress chief Pradeep Paudel was a candidate for the Provincial Assembly from Tanahun-2(1) final time. He was defeated by a margin of 5 votes. Asha Koirala of the Maoist Center received 16 thousand 641 votes whereas he received 16 thousand 641 votes. According to his declare, 2 thousand 328 votes had been solid in 5 polling stations and after counting, 2 thousand 370 had been discovered.

Congress chief Pradeep Poudel

He claimed that Asha Koirala, the Maoist candidate, was elected by including 42 votes that had already been counted and had a hammer contained in the circle. He mentioned within the writ petition registered within the Supreme Court, ‘Asha Koirala was elected by counting the votes stored after the counting of the votes combined with the votes able to be counted once more.’

He filed a case towards the election officer’s workplace and the Election Commission, however the court docket didn’t give a choice for 5 years. After the tip of the time period, there is no such thing as a justification for the case. Now he grew to become a candidate from Kathmandu-5 and was elected to the House of Representatives with an enormous margin of votes.

Deepak Khadka of Sankhuwasabha: Controversy over the seal

Deepak Khadka, the Congress candidate of Sankhuwasabha-1, had additionally gone to the Supreme Court earlier. According to his declare, UML candidate Rajendra Prasad Gautam was elected by rigging and the choice of the Election Officer’s workplace ought to have been annulled.

According to the writ petition of Congress candidate Khadka, within the earlier counting of votes, it was agreed to substantiate the vote if it was seen that there was a half circle in the course of the sealing of the poll paper. He alleged that the vote that fell on the tree was canceled with out validating it. He alleged that the votes had been counted with out his consultant, the numbers had been rigged and the numbers had been adjusted on the finish.

Khadka misplaced to UML candidate Rajendra Prasad Gautam who received 23 thousand 769 votes by 1 thousand 130 votes. Khadka this time additionally confronted within the election with the identical competitor whom he had raised questions within the court docket. He has now defeated Gautam by a large margin. The election outcome dispute that he dropped at the Supreme Court 5 years in the past remains to be pending. Now the rationale of that case is over.

Bhagwati Choudhary: Defeat together, win alone

In Sunsari-3, UML candidate Bhagwati Chaudhary was additionally supported by the Maoist Center. Chaudhary received 38 thousand 651 votes with the assist of the Maoist middle. Congress candidate Gachchdar received 38 thousand 972 votes at the moment.

At that point, she was defeated by Gachchdar by 321 votes. Now, when UML is competing alone, he didn’t get 32 ​​thousand 417 votes. Even with the Maoist middle, Gachchdar received solely 27,656 votes. Gachchdar was accused of corruption and his recognition fell.

Even within the 2074 election, Chaudhary claimed that she would win the election. She filed a case within the Supreme Court saying that Gachchdar misused state energy, rigged it and discriminated towards the counting of votes. Many votes solid within the solar image, with inadequate ink, and with out a full swastika stamp had been invalidated. She alleged that in some locations, the safety seal was not discovered within the poll field, and the paperwork of some had been uncared for.

He claimed that 3 thousand 655 votes had been invalidated in Sunsari-3, solely about 1600 votes had been invalidated as a consequence of solar signal. While he wanted solely 322 votes to be elected. She mentioned within the petition, ‘In this fashion, the legitimate vote that I acquired was counted as void towards the legislation and Vijay Kumar Gachchdar received.’

She filed a case within the Supreme Court on 11 December 2074, which has not been heard but. At the tip of his half time period, the elected MP Gachchdar was suspended as a result of corruption case and resigned from workplace. The court docket didn’t resolve this dispute even throughout 5 years. As the case was not resolved, she grew to become a member of Parliament by defeating her outdated rival Gachchdar within the subsequent election. The justice she didn’t get from the court docket, she received from the voters and was elected.


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