Salvador Gutiérrez Ordóñez, the ‘antitildista’ philologist of the RAE within the goal of Pérez-Reverte

A duel within the solar is introduced between the lecturers who occupy the S and T chairs of the establishment.

Letters S and T, at odds

The writer of the ‘Alatriste’ saga -he is the letter T- has accused the RAE of giving “biased and inaccurate” info, refusing to just accept that the establishment was backing down on some modifications that some teachers, together with Pérez-Reverte or the deceased Javier Marías, had been claiming for 13 years.

The former warfare correspondent, all the time energetic and incisive on Twitter, certified that his accusations of knowledge manipulation weren’t directed in opposition to the director of the RAE, Santiago Muñoz Machado, whom he considers his good friend, however quite in opposition to the Department of Español al Día, accountable for from the informative account @RAEInforma.

He refers to Salvador Gutiérrez Ordóñez, -he is the letter S- who runs a Department of Spanish updated, created in 1998 and made up of a crew of philologists and linguists specialised in normative Spanish. He can be director of the School of Hispanic Lexicography and coordinator of the Orthography and the New Basic Grammar of 2010.

His division said that the plenary modification on the controversial accents didn’t actually “add something new” and that their use must be justified if there was a danger of ambiguity.

Background controversy

At the underside of this tidal wave is the controversy about who’s the guarantor of the essences of language.

The writers sitting within the Academy -tildistas- think about that they need to set the tone; They defend efficacy in opposition to idea. For their half, the philologists -whom Reverte calls antitildistas- really feel they’re guardians of orthodoxy, language technicians, educated concerning the anatomy of phrases.

Seats S and T symbolize these conflicting sensibilities.

“Spanish updated”

The division directed by Gutiérrez Ordoñez is answerable for taking the every day pulse of orthodoxy.

According to the RAE web site, the ‘Department of Spanish updated’ is principally answerable for “resolving doubts of a linguistic nature (spelling, lexical and grammatical) from the attitude of the norm that right this moment regulates the realized use of Spanish. The consultations are raised by native Spanish audio system from all areas of the Hispanic sphere and by non-native audio system and Spanish college students of probably the most various nationalities”.

Specialist in syntax, semantics and pragmatics

Gutiérrez Ordóñez, born on July 22, 1948 in Taballes de Bimenes (Asturias), is a physician in Hispanic Philology from the University of Oviedo, and has directed ‘Español al Día’ since 2008.

He was elected an instructional on July 5, 2007 (4 years after Pérez-Revete) and took possession of his seat on February 24, 2008 with an entrance speech titled “From grammatical artwork to communicative competence.”

He is a specialist in syntax, semantics and pragmatics, and has revealed, amongst different works, Lingüística y semantica. Functional approximation (1981); Variations on the attribution (1986) or Form and which means in syntax (2002). In addition, he’s director and writer of academic manuals for secondary and highschool.