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Robles defends reforming embezzlement: “The Penal Code is just not there to resolve political issues”

He assures that the PSOE is not going to assist “in any case” decriminalizing the “enrichment” of its personal or third events with public fundsMargarita Robles defends Sánchez’s coverage of betting on coexistence in CataloniaWhat’s embezzlement and the way is it punished

The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has proven herself in favor of the chance that the Prime Minister contemplated on Tuesday of opening the door to a restricted reform of the crime of embezzlement, for which the Supreme Court sentenced the pro-independence leaders of the method.

“The Criminal Code is just not there to resolve political issues,” Robles stated in an interview on ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, collected by Europa Press. For the minister, a profession choose, felony legislation should, on the one hand, “reply to the social actuality of the second through which it’s utilized” and, on the opposite, “defend the moral minimal.” “We can not assume that issues are solved by penalizing behaviors”, she has maintained.

“You might or might not agree, however Sánchez’s place has been very clear and sincere: it has been finished for the reason that starting of the legislature, and we absolutely share it, a dedication to coexistence in Catalonia”, Robles has abounded, who has insisted that political points should be settled “politically”.

The minister has identified that if somebody commits against the law, “clearly” they should be “prosecuted”. “And so did the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court,” he declared in reference to the trial of the method, on the identical time that he stated that “we should not overlook” that the pro-independence leaders “have spent a number of years in jail.”

The crimson line is to not favor corruption

Given the modification offered by ERC to reform embezzlement in the identical parliamentary course of with which they wish to get rid of the crime of sedition, Robles has transferred that any proposal must be “studied”, though he has pressured that the PSOE has the “line crimson” of not supporting reforms that favor “corruption.

“In no case is the PSOE going to assist any modification that in a roundabout way favors what corruption is, what all of us perceive by corruption: benefiting from it, for itself or for others; making the most of public funds,” stated the minister, who He has summoned us to “wait” for what the modification says, which has not but been offered.

He has indicated that the regulation of embezzlement within the Criminal Code has modified over time and till 2015 there was a distinct regulation that clearly distinguished private enrichment or that of third events, which “everybody” understands “generally as corruption”, with respect to different behaviors.

“The Penal Code is continually evolving”, insisted Robles, who wished to specify that with this doable reform there isn’t a discuss of “decriminalization”, as a result of “in no case will it’s accepted” that one’s personal enrichment or third events go unpunished .

Robles has affirmed that “the felony reproach can’t be the identical for individuals who enrich themselves as different actions that in no case result in enrichment.” And he has pressured that the PSOE maintains a “clear dedication to the battle in opposition to corruption.”


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