Rest assured, nobody is aware of what number of votes have fallen out of your middle

November 3, Kathmandu. During the election, some candidates entrust their employees to get so many votes from this place.

In some circumstances, it’s also heard that the voters are panicked by saying that ‘the place you vote, we’ll learn about it’.
If a few of the earlier candidates didn’t vote for me a lot from this assembly, they’re from Vikas Nirman

They additionally threatened that they’d not take the initiative to allocate the funds for the initiatives. But due to the tactic adopted by the Election Commission since some elections, it isn’t recognized what number of votes had been solid from which place.

According to Surya Prasad Aryal, deputy secretary of Election Commission, counting votes by mixing poll bins will increase privateness and reliability.

According to the counting guidelines, the election employees combine the votes from two completely different polling stations in a single place and begin counting.

Since the votes from completely different locations are blended and counted, it isn’t recognized what number of votes had been solid for which candidate from any polling middle or venue.

The Election Commission has instructed all election officers to tally the poll bins of two or extra polling stations solely.

After counting the votes of two locations, even the candidates can not estimate what number of votes they acquired from which place.

This type of apply began after questions had been raised concerning the confidentiality of the votes of the proportional polling stations focused on the safety personnel within the Constituent Assembly elections.

Even the votes expressed by them are counted with the votes of different locations.