Prosecutor requests 23 months in jail for a person for insulting two gays in a health club in Madrid

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office requests 23 months in jail for a person for insulting two folks due to their sexual orientation, a circumstance for which each “have felt humiliated and offended.”

This case is available in per week wherein the main target has been on the difficulty of racist insults in soccer. The Public Ministry fees the defendant with against the law in opposition to dignity and one other minor damage.

In addition, it claims for civil legal responsibility that he pay 1,000 euros to every of the aggrieved for the ethical damages produced.

The trial will happen on Tuesday, May 30 on the Provincial Court. The occasions occurred, based on the prosecutor’s account, in a health club situated on Atocha road within the capital.

Since 2019, the defendant has crossed paths with two homosexual folks there. “Moved with apparent contempt” at this situation, MMGR addressed MMB with phrases comparable to “fucking fagot, you suck, you simply got here to fuck”.

He maintained the identical perspective in the direction of one other particular person, “guided by the identical prejudices”, when he met him and likewise within the presence of different customers.

“Fucking fagot, I’m going to interrupt your head”

He additionally used expressions comparable to “faggot, I’m going to place the burden in your ass, “shitty faggot” or “you are not a macho, you are not a person.”

On May 19, 2021, at round 8:30 a.m., MMGR, when passing by MMB, rebuked him once more with phrases like “fucking fagot, I’m going to interrupt your head.”

He then gave him a shove, “with out inflicting him any accidents, though it did make him really feel powerless and humiliated.” The assaulted individual reproached the defendant for his conduct.

Later, an argument started in the midst of which MMGR hit him, inflicting a parietal contusion, superficial cervical contusions and on the best higher limb.

In order to be cured, he required preliminary medical help and three days of restoration wherein he was not prevented from finishing up his traditional occupations.