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Proportional vote rely replace: Which celebration’s tally?

12 November, Kathmandu. According to the outcomes of the proportional vote to this point, it’s seen that CPN-UML would be the celebration that can get essentially the most seats. UML bought the best variety of 25 lakh 30 thousand 214 votes whereas counting 92 lakh 89 thousand votes until 10 am on Monday. According to this vote, it’s seen that UML will get 35 seats.

Nepali Congress bought 23 lakh 96 thousand 93 votes in direction of proportionality. On this foundation, Congress will get 33 seats.

The Rashtriya Swatantra Party (RSWP) is forward of the Maoist Center within the proportional vote rely. RSVP bought 1 million 62 thousand 980 votes and Maoist Center 1 million 61 thousand 200 votes. Based on this, evidently each the events will get equal 15/15 seats.

After that, Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) is prone to get 8 seats and Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) Nepal is prone to get 4 seats. RPP bought 545 thousand 188 votes and Jaspa bought 3 lakh 24 thousand 310 votes.

See particulars of proportional voting

Name of Party Total Vote Seats CPN UML 2530214 35 Nepali Congress 2396093 33 RSWP 1062980 15 Maoist Center 1061200 15 RPPA 545188 8 JSP 324310 4 Public Vote 261215 0 Unified Samajwadi 251476 0 Total Sadar Vote 9889716 110

Janmaat Party and United Samajwadi Party try to chop the restrict of the edge. The celebration that doesn’t get 3 % of the full Sadar votes doesn’t minimize the edge and the celebration that doesn’t minimize the edge doesn’t get any share within the proportional.

According to the counting of votes until 10:00 am immediately, Janmat Party bought 2 lakh 61 thousand 215 votes and United Samajwadi Party bought 2 lakh 51 thousand 476 votes. If the edge of three % is minimize, evidently they are going to get 3 to 4 seats.

According to Election Commission Assistant Spokesperson Guru Prasad Wagle, the seats are calculated by counting the votes of the events which have minimize three % proportionally utilizing the cent log technique. While calculating on this technique, the numbers are divided by 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and the quotient (casket) is taken out and seats are distributed.


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