Preparing to begin the counting of Dang votes

5 November, Dang. Dang space no. The all-party meeting continues on the difficulty of beginning the counting of votes of 1.

The representatives of the political events mentioned that the difficulty of the way to make the counting of votes quick and orderly is being mentioned within the ongoing assembly on the Lamhi Municipality workplace.

A discussion is occurring about the way to discover a answer after the representatives of the National Independent Party protested about giving the poll papers of the House of Representatives to a middle in Bhalubang.

In Dang Region No. 1, Metmani Chaudhary of CPN United Socialist Party, Shanta Chaudhary of CPN UML, Lily Budhathoki of RPP, Ganga Chaudhary of our Nepali Party, Devraj Pathak of National Independent Party and others are candidates.

Preparations are being made to begin the counting of votes in Dang Region No. 2 and three.