Preparations for voting in Chitwan full, particular vigilance in delicate areas

3, November, Chitwan. The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer has knowledgeable that the preparations for voting within the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections to be held on November 4 have been accomplished in Chitwan. There are 162 polling stations and 460 polling stations in Chitwan, which has three constituencies and 6 provincial meeting constituencies.

According to the workplace, all the safety personnel, workers, poll containers and ballots have reached all these polling stations and facilities, together with the police, Madi police, and others. The election workplace has assigned workers on the charge of eight for one polling station.

Compared to the 2074 election, polling stations have been diminished this time, whereas polling facilities have been elevated. In the earlier election, 166 polling stations and 408 polling stations had been designated. This time space no. 1 in 56 polling stations, zone no. 2 in 43 polling stations, zone no. 162 polling stations have been designated out of 63 polling stations in 3.

According to Chitwan police chief SP Adhikari, 34 polling stations within the district have been categorised as extremely delicate, 89 as delicate and 39 as regular. In the 2074 election, 52 polling stations had been categorised as extremely delicate.

In current instances within the district, vandalism on the automobiles of the candidates, explosions in numerous locations are rising, so plainly the safety problem has elevated. Chitwan Police Chief Navraj Adhikari has requested the overall voters to not panic and vote in a fear-free environment.

He mentioned that despite the fact that it took some components to point out their presence, they had been strictly monitored and the plainclothes police had been broadly mobilized. He mentioned that he anticipated the political events of the district to help make the election setting dignified and peaceable.

More than 4,000 safety personnel can be deployed on this election. According to Chief of Police SP Navraj Adhikari of District Police Office Chitwan, 1991 common policemen, 1142 Janpath policemen and armed police have been deployed.

If there can be Madi police and Janpath within the internal circle of the polling station and the middle, the safety outdoors would be the armed police and past that, the safety of the Nepali Army.

Civil police can even be deployed in adequate amount, the chief police officer mentioned. According to him, the armed police will stay on ‘standby’ in delicate locations, whereas elsewhere, the military and armed groups will monitor the state of affairs every now and then and get information in regards to the safety state of affairs.

There is a plan to deploy at the very least 12 to 49 Janpath police and common police as wanted in a single polling station. Polling stations can be established in most colleges.

According to the police chief SP officer, from tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock, preparations are being made to dam any automobiles from coming to Chitwan in Lothar within the east, Bandarjhula in Madi, Gandakot within the west and Muglin and Fisling.

Nepalese military can be given the accountability of safety of vital areas of Chitwan. Aiming on the elections, it has been deliberate that the safety of the vital areas of the district, the jail workplace, Chitwan and Bharatpur Airport can be given to the Nepali Army.

According to the choice of the District Security Committee, it was determined to provide the accountability of the safety of vital establishments to the military from November 15 to November 10.

Four lakh voters

There are 4 lakh 8 thousand 342 voters in three constituencies of Chitwan. This is 10,657 greater than the 074 election. In 2074, there have been three lakh 54 thousand 36 voters. This time there are 2 lakh 9 thousand 309 girls and 1 lakh 99 thousand 32 males.

Constituency quantity 3 has the very best variety of voters. There are 144 thousand 283 voters in space quantity 3. Here are 19 wards of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality and Madi Municipality. There had been 125,823 voters within the 2074 federal election.

Constituency No. 2 has 1 lakh 24 thousand 214. It contains 10 wards of Kalika Municipality, Ichchakamana Rural Municipality and Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality. In 2074, there have been 1 lakh 8 thousand 214 voters on this area.

Area No. 1, there are 139 thousand 845 voters. Rapti, Ratnanagar and Khairhani municipalities are included right here. In the 2074 election, there have been 119,998 voters.

66 thousand 15 in Chitwan 1 (a) in direction of the state meeting space, space no. 1 (b) has 63 thousand 830 voters. Similarly, there are 61 thousand 973 voters in Chitwan 2 (A), 62 thousand 242 voters in Region No. 2 (B). Similarly, space no. 78 thousand 286 in 3 (a), space no. 3 (b) has 65 thousand 996 voters.

All girls workers in Bharatpur Mavi

Chitwan space no. All girls workers have been deployed for the election at Bharatpur Mavi polling station in Bharatpur-10 on 2nd. There are 32 workers on this college which has 4 polling stations.

23 safety personnel are deployed on the polling station, all of them are girls. All feminine workers and safety personnel had been assigned to Balmandir colleges within the native elections.

3 thousand 429 voters are voting on Sunday from Bharatpur Mavi polling station the place there are 4 polling stations.

Counting of votes in three locations

Preparations have been made for the counting of votes within the workplace of the Election Officer within the three constituencies of Chitwan. Constituency no. For the calculation of two, a counting place has been ready within the corridor of Chitwan Industry Association.

Chief Electoral Officer Ritendra Thapa mentioned that 10 CCTVs, displays and nets have been put in on the polling station. He mentioned that the work of calculation can be began from 4 locations right here.

Thapa mentioned that direct vote counting can be executed from 2 locations for the House of Representatives and a couple of locations for the provincial areas (A) and (B). He mentioned {that a} related calculation plan has been made in different constituencies as effectively.

Chief Electoral Officer Ritendra Thapa knowledgeable that wire mesh and CCTV cameras have been put in to tighten the safety system on the polling station.

Here, after the poll papers had been torn throughout the counting of votes in Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality below the native degree elections of 2074, a brand new observe of placing wire netting on the polling stations has come into vogue everywhere in the nation.

Preparations have been made to rely votes in Khaiharni Mavi of Chitwan Region No. 1. Preparations have been made for the counting of votes in 4 locations.

Similarly, counting of votes has been ready at University of Agriculture and Forestry, Rampur, Chitwan Region No. 3. A construction has been constructed right here to rely votes in two locations. Chief Electoral Officer Thapa mentioned that the purpose is to finish the direct counting inside three days.