Postponed polling resumes at Shambhusharan Mavi heart in Bardia Khairapur

Bardia. Polling, which was halted at Khairapur’s Shambhusharan Secondary School polling station, has resumed. Voting was suspended for an hour after the explosion outdoors the centre.

Chief District Officer Bandhu Prasad Banstola knowledgeable that the polling, which was halted after a twine bomb exploded outdoors the polling station, has resumed.

He mentioned that suspicious objects had been discovered inside stress cookers in Khairapur of Gulria Municipality, Dhowinpur of Rajapur, Amreni of Thakurbaba and Mainapokhar of Baghaiyatal Rural Municipality and all of them have been disposed of.

Superintendent of Police Birendra Bahadur Shahi of District Police Office Bardia mentioned that voting is occurring peacefully in different polling stations of Bardia.