Posme, the mossos reagent that reveals traces on human pores and skin and on “unthinkable” surfaces: “They are frequent in circumstances of violence”

Revealing fingerprints on human pores and skin is feasible because of Posme, a reagent developed by the Scientific Unit of the Mossos d’Esquadra that has made it doable to seek out traces of the traces of a fingertip on “unthinkable” surfaces corresponding to tiles, leaves or Pieces of fruit. Even in circumstances as much as ten years outdated with out being resolved in its entirety.

This suspended powder extracts traces that up to now had been “not possible to detect” with conventional strategies, which is why it has turn out to be a real revolution within the subject of police investigation. An invention that widens the spectrum within the discovery of seen impressions of the epidermal reliefs: “It is magic and science”, explains Sergi Claveria, Caporal of the Scientific Police of the Mossos.

As easy as spreading this black liquid reagent, made with iron oxide, with a brush and cleansing it with water to place names and surnames on the crime scene. “We have managed to disclose traces the place beforehand it was unthinkable as a result of we didn’t have the suitable reagents to have the ability to achieve this. It facilitates the work of the police forces. It has a vital worth on the procedural stage.”


Hand cream and condom lubricant

Posme permits you to see tracks on moist, greasy, tough and “unusual” surfaces. Even on human pores and skin, which might assist resolve circumstances of sexual assault. “We have labored with blood prints, hand lotions and condom lubricant. We have been in a position to reveal them. Before there was no process that will enable us to take action,” acknowledges Sergi Clavera.

Application of the PosmeNius

For a couple of months now, the Catalan police have been utilizing it in present circumstances, making use of it on the scene of the occasions or gathering every kind of objects to investigate it of their laboratories. One of probably the most frequent situations is “the place there was violence”. In these circumstances, the individuals concerned within the motion “usually” transfer throughout the floor and contact varied components, corresponding to a tile.

The reagent utilized to a tileNIUS

“If your fingers are stained with blood, for us it is rather vital proof to know who was there.” For this cause, with this technique they discover tracks on the crests of the phalanx or these which have been dragged and should not have a superb definition. “We can benefit from the small fragments to check them and use them for analysis functions.” Once the reagent has been utilized, the brokers reference them and search for their proprietor.

The similar occurs with a leaf, which beforehand utilized botanical or chemical composition research to investigate it. “At first look you possibly can’t see the traces and that is why we have now to use Posme. With white mild you possibly can already see some stays.” Also with tough supplies like a plastic bottle.

“The end result will not be mathematical as a result of it relies on the floor and the residue there may be. It could also be that we get a greater end result the second time or that we erase what we had within the first utility. When it’s revealed, even whether it is of uncertain validity, the metric witness, it’s photographed and the method is redone”, Sergi factors out about an invention that they have no idea if it has had any repercussions within the judicial course of by not taking cost of the identification course of.

Posme utility on a leafNIUS

The new technique has been the results of the “funding of time” through the pandemic. “Daily work in a police laboratory usually does not go away you the time you’d must learn, check, and experiment. At that point, the quantity of circumstances plummeted as a result of we could not go outdoors. So we had been in a position to dedicate all that effort to designing the reagents we would have liked”.

Its formulation has been printed within the American scientific journal ‘Journal of Forensic Identification’, which has drawn the eye of many police forces all over the world, on this approach. “We have acquired contacts from the United States, Australia, Europe and Latin America. They see that it’s helpful for everyday.” A revelation that brings “a vital high quality plus” to the Mossos d’Esquadra, both on the crime scene or within the laboratory.