Page as soon as once more exhibits his discomfort on the “tailored go well with” for ERC with the embezzlement: “The Spanish don’t ask for it”

The president of Castilla y La Mancha as soon as once more criticizes the choice to scale back the crime of embezzlement and the modification of the Criminal Code “with names and surnames” The socialist baron regrets that we face an operation to learn the Junqueras get together and “he’s very assured” that it doesn’t favor the corrupt Esquerra will current an modification this Friday wherein it proposes to scale back to 4 years the embezzlement that impacts the leaders of the ‘procés’

The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has as soon as once more made clear this Thursday his discrepancy with the Government’s plans to switch the crime of embezzlement as claimed by Esquerra. The Republicans will current this Friday within the Congress of Deputies an modification to scale back to 4 years the embezzlement that impacts the leaders of the ‘procés’. A “surgical intervention” within the phrases of ERC.

García-Page has lamented that what the independentistas are in search of is a Criminal Code as “a tailor-made go well with with names and surnames” and never “considered sooner or later” however targeted on “causes which have already been sentenced”, for “individuals who have already been prosecuted.”

Thus, he recalled that when the central Executive proposed pardons to pro-independence leaders, his place was to exclude them from the crime of embezzlement, a logical place, within the opinion of the socialist baron, which at the moment must be maintained by the Government.

In any case, the Castilian manchego chief has transferred that he trusts “very a lot” that Moncloa will preserve not touching him in relation to corruption crimes. “It is what the Spanish ask for,” he asserted.

At this level, he talked about, in relation to the Gürtel plot there are 36 sentences associated to the crime of embezzlement, and this plot “is the one which led to a movement of censure” headed by the PSOE in opposition to the Government of Mariano Rajoy.