Otegi believes that it might be “a severe step backwards” for the PSOE to hold out the reform of the ‘solely sure is sure’ with the suitable

Otegi has prevented revealing what EH Bildu’s place might be within the reform of the regulation. It can be “a severe step backwards” if the PSOE “eliminated it with the right-wing bloc” Bildu supported the “solely sure is sure” regulation however admits that undesired results should be corrected

In an informative breakfast of the New Economy Forum in Bilbao, Otegi has prevented revealing what EH Bildu’s place might be on bearing in mind the reform of the regulation on sexual freedom that might be addressed this Tuesday in Congress. In any case, he has urged “recuperate the house of frequent sense.”

The sovereignist chief defined that EH Bildu supported the ‘solely sure is sure’ regulation as a result of it places “consent on the middle”, however it has led to “some negative effects” and “the suitable has been very skillful in putting in public opinion a mind set that favors the discharge of rapists from jail that’s tough to fight, though it isn’t as true as they are saying”.

Correct negative effects

For this purpose, he has indicated that “the logical factor is to assume that it’s essential to right these undesired results”. Within this framework, EH Bldu is making an attempt, “with discretion”, that “there’s an settlement that enables the federal government companions of the investiture bloc to reform what must be reformed.”

Arnaldo Otegi this morning. NIUS Writing

Thus, he has appealed to “recuperate good sense, duty and customary sense” and has opined that it might be “a severe reversal” if this reform “had been carried out with Vox”. He has warned that “this can’t be become a public debate or a debate through which they throw their heads in public.” “The actual agreements are made in discretion,” she has defended.