Interesting contest in Sunsari 1, Goma lead once more

11 November, Sunsari. There has been an attention-grabbing competition among the many members of the House of Representatives of Sunsari Constituency No. 1.

Since the counting of votes began, the candidates of various events have been making and breaking the lead.

Earlier, Janata Samajwadi Party’s Ashok Kumar Rai took the lead, whereas the National Independent Party’s candidate Goma Tamang has taken the lead.

While Goma received 12,855 votes, Rai, who received the help of UML, received 12,505 votes.

Similarly, until the time of preparing the information, Muksamahang Subba of Maoist has received 9900 votes, independent Manoj Kumar Meyangbo 6728 and Ashok Kumar Rai of RPP has received 5891 votes. Initially, RPP’s Ashok additionally took the lead.