In Jumla, Gyanendra Shahi of RPP is main by greater than 6 thousand votes

7 November, Jumla. In Jumla, RPP candidate Gyanendra Shahi continues to steer with a large margin.

According to the outcomes at 6:30 this morning, Shahi acquired 12,515 votes. Goma Gautam Kunwar, the candidate of the Maoist Center, has 6,098 votes. The vote difference between Shahi and Kunwar is 6,417.

CPN-UML candidate Ratan Nath Yogi acquired 2,960 votes. 45 thousand 59 votes have been misplaced, up to now 23 thousand 829 votes have been counted. 1 thousand 304 votes have been invalidated.

Gajendra Mahat of the Maoist Center gained from Jumla within the 2074 election.