How many instances do you need to clarify about citizenship? – Online Khabar

30 October, Kathmandu. Ravi Lamichhan, chairman of Rashtriya Swatantra Party, has claimed that the dispute relating to his citizenship was resolved 4 years in the past.

A grievance has been filed in opposition to Lamichhane, who has been elected as a member of the House of Representatives from Chitwan Constituency No. 2, saying that he’s a candidate based mostly on his previous citizenship which has been revoked. The complainant has demanded that his candidature be cancelled.

In a video posted on social networking website Facebook to make clear the grievance in opposition to him, he has mentioned that he gave up his US passport after finishing the paperwork.

He wrote on Facebook, ‘A Nepali first within the Press Council, then in Chitwan Police in 2076, then within the indictment letter of the Chitwan District Public Prosecutor, and within the order and judgment of the Chitwan District Court, and within the order of the High Court Hetouda, and from the Chitwan District Public Prosecutor’s Office to the Attorney General’s Office relating to the problem of citizenship. How many instances will you need to give a proof after it has been mentioned and settled?’