Half a thousand Ukrainian troopers are already coaching in six Spanish cities

Ukrainian troopers obtain coaching in Spain

Ukrainian troopers are educated in fight and in using Leopard and HAWK anti-missile batteriesDetachments from Cádiz, Seville and Burgos be a part of these of Zaragoza, Toledo and Madrid to offer instructionTraining programs final between 4 and 6 weeks

Spain trains the Ukrainian army. 500 Ukrainian troopers are at present receiving coaching in Spain, as reported by the Defense General Staff (EMAD). Our nation imparts ten army coaching programs to Ukrainian troopers for the sake of the worldwide dedication acquired by Spain within the framework of the Operation of Military Assistance to the Zelensky regime.

For its half, the Navy (Tercio de Armada de Infantería de Marina) goes to impart an instruction module for recruits on the services of the San Fernando Base and the “RETIN” Maneuver and Shooting Range (CMT) within the province from Cadiz.

Leopard and HAWK system coaching

The Legion Brigade and the Air Transportable Light Brigade (BRILAT) be a part of the programs. They can be answerable for coaching the commanders of the Ukrainian troops in numerous aspects of direct fight.

Likewise, Engineers Regiment No. 1 (RING 1) and Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment No. 74 (RAAA74) at their services in Castrillo del Val (Burgos) and Seville, will prepare the corps of sapper engineers, who’re the troopers answerable for finishing up constructions resembling bridges or different infrastructure in instances of battle.

They will even prepare the troopers who will function the HAWK anti-aircraft techniques that Spain has donated to Ukraine. But maybe essentially the most anticipated coaching is the dealing with of Leopard 2A4 tanks, of which Spain will give as much as 10 models to Zelenski’s military. Defense has not disclosed, for safety causes, the variety of troopers coaching in every location. The programs have a mean period of 4 weeks.

The ministry led by Margarita Robles has promised to coach the Ukrainian troops for so long as mandatory and relying on the wants. Ours will not be the one nation that trains the Ukrainian army. The United Kingdom or Germany are different states which can be coaching the troopers of the Zelenski regime.