Gagan Thapa’s hat-trick win in Kathmandu-4

November 6, Kathmandu. Nepali Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa has gained a hat trick. From Kathmandu-4, Thapa gained a hat-trick by defeating CPN-UML’s Rajan Bhattarai by a large margin.

Thapa defeated Bhattarai by a margin of seven,457 votes. But the official announcement is but to be made.

Even in 074, Thapa defeated UML’s Bhattarai. UML’s Bhattarai contested on behalf of the Left Alliance in that election. But Thapa gained by 3200 votes. This time, Thapa has made the distinction wider.

In 2070, Gagan additionally defeated UML’s Nirmal Kunikel from this area. In 2006, Thapa was a proportional member of parliament.

Thapa, who was a proportional member of parliament on the age of 31, was elected as a central member of the Congress quickly after. Now he’s the Congress General Minister.