El Bruc, a key scene of the Civil War that Barcelona has been demanding from Defense for years

The barracks have been inaugurated in 1934 as navy services to accommodate between 400 and 600 infantry items. During the Civil War it was occupied by anarchists who renamed it the Bakunin barracks. Since 2008, municipal governments have requested the Ministry of Defense to cede it to the town

After the denigrating messages exchanged by the navy, revealed by the newspaper ‘Ara’, got here to mild, the talk on whether or not or not the Armed Forces ought to abandon this barracks and cede it to the town has been revived, a request that since 2008 the municipal governments complain to the Ministry of Defense and it has not prospered.

When was it opened?

The Bruc barracks was projected in 1929, in the course of the Primo de Rivera dictatorship, and Vicenç Martorell was the engineer in command of designing it. Construction was accomplished in 1931, nevertheless it was not till 1934 that it was inaugurated with the intention of housing between 400 and 600 infantry items that at the moment have been unfold over previous barracks within the metropolis heart situated in San Fernando and Bonsuccés.

During the coup d’état of 1936, the barracks turned the important thing scene. And it’s that on July 19 the insurgent forces left that very same barracks to combat the federal government of the Second Republic.

The navy crossed the Diagonal avenue to occupy the streets of the town however the citizen resistance managed to cease the rebellion in Barcelona.

Why is it at this level?

The barracks is situated within the higher space of ​​Barcelona, ​​and occupies 5 hectares in eight pavilions, which have pointed towers and battlements typical of medieval castles. Thanks to the big space they’d, it was doable to construct extra fashionable services with higher air flow to stop the transmission of ailments.

It was determined to find on this level of the town as a result of it was very near communication routes, comparable to Diagonal avenue, the Royal Palace of Pedralbes, which had been just lately constructed and was supported by the royal guard, and in addition, there have been undeveloped areas the place they might perform navy coaching.

What does it owe its identify to?

The phrase ‘Bruc’ comes from the character ‘timbaler del Bruc’, who was the protagonist of the Manresa rebellion in opposition to the Napoleonic forces that have been invading the Iberian Peninsula. According to legend, these personnel performed an instrument whereas the French troops arrived within the Barcelona municipality and due to the amplified noise generated by the mountains, the enemy believed that a big military was approaching and determined to flee.

Who has occupied it over time?

Although when it was inaugurated it was occupied by troopers from the infantry, after the coup d’état of 1936 Barcelona remained devoted to the Republic and the barracks have been occupied by anarchists, who renamed it the Bakunin barracks. During the conflict, a number of columns have been organized from the constructing, which was bombed, to combat on the Aragon entrance. At the tip of the armed battle, the identify of Cuartel del Bruc was recovered, in honor of the Battle of Bruc that was fought in 1808 in the course of the French War.

Who at present lives?

Currently, the Bruc Barracks homes the 63rd Infantry Regiment. About 750 troopers work, of which 300 stay. In addition, additionally they work on a quarantine of civilians and hosts the Pyrenean Military Intermediate Archive.

Why do they ask that or not it’s transferred to social use?

The Bruc barracks continues for use by the navy. However, for 14 years the municipal governments have requested the Ministry of Defense to switch the constructing for social use.

Specifically, in 2008, CiU promoted a proposal for the ministry to switch the constructing to the council to be able to construct land for backed housing.

Since then, this identical process has been requested a number of occasions however for the second the proposal has not prospered and the political battle continues to determine the way forward for this constructing.

Do the Armed Forces intend to withdraw?

According to sources from the Armed Forces have indicated to this newspaper, they don’t seem to be anticipated to depart the Bruc barracks in any respect. “More than 800 individuals work on this barracks, most of them from Barcelona, ​​plus a part of them reside right here and are registered. This is a piece and residence heart. It is taken into account of curiosity to National Defense,” the identical sources add.