Counting of Surkhet-2 has began

5 November, Surkhet. Counting of votes has started in Surkhet Constituency No. 2. Counting of votes has began at Surkhet City Hall in Birendranagar.

Although the all-party assembly held this morning determined to start out the counting of votes from 11:30, the counting of votes has been delayed by an hour.

The direct and proportional counting of votes for the House of Representatives and the State Assembly has began concurrently. Wire mesh and CCTV cameras have been put in to safe the polling place.

Hridayram Thani of Congress and District President Amrit Bisi from UML are candidates for the House of Representatives from this area.

Similarly, Yamalal Kandel of UML, Kali Prasad Shakya of Congress from Sattarudh Alliance and Shiv Prasad Upadhyay from United Samajwadi Party of CPN are candidates for State Assembly from 2 (A).

Similarly, in 2 (B) Bindaman Bista from Maoist (Congress-Maoist) and Tarakeshar Gautam from UML and Mohansingh Baduwal from United Samajwadi are candidates.