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Congress’s ‘clear sweep’ in Mustang

November 5, Kathmandu. The Nepali Congress has made a ‘clear sweep’ in Mustang by profitable one member of the House of Representatives and two members of the Provincial Assembly.

Congress’s Yogesh Gauchan Thakali has received as a member of the House of Representatives. He defeated CPN UML’s Prem Prasad Tulachan by a margin of 914 votes. Yogesh bought 3 thousand 992 votes whereas Prem Prasad bought 3078 votes. Sudesh Gurung of Rashtriya Swatantra Party bought 87 votes whereas Pravin Kumar Sherchan of RPP bought 13 votes.

Congress candidate has additionally received in each the state assembly seats of Mustang. Namdu Gurung received in State Assembly (1) and Vikal Sherchan received in State Assembly (2). Gurung defeated CPN-UML’s Indradhara Bista, whereas Sherchan defeated UML’s Chandramohan Gauchan. When Gurung was elected to the state meeting with 1 thousand 48 votes, Bista bought 793 votes. Bista can also be a member of the outgoing state meeting. While Sherchan bought 2,723 votes, his nearest rival Gauchan bought 2,565 votes.


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