Catalonia, immigration or local weather change: every part that separates Vox from its candidate Tamames

Tamames defended that “the structure allows a Catalan State inside Spain” towards Vox and its ‘protection of the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation’ The professor is a staunch defender of the combat towards local weather change and decarbonisation, simply the alternative of what Vox saysIván Espinosa defends the suitability of Tamames: “The additional away he’s from Vox’s positions, the extra we prefer it”

If earlier than registering the movement of censure there have been already many voices inside Vox questioning the suitability of Ramón Tamames as “uncontrollable”, after studying that the previous communist chief defended the ‘Catalan Nation’ after the unlawful referendum in Catalonia As the newspaper ‘El Mundo’ introduced, these doubts are actually multiplying and turning into restlessness. Of course, as soon as the 89-year-old economist has already signed in his personal handwriting the letter registered in Congress by which he’s operating as a candidate for the Presidency of the Government of Spain for Vox, turning again appears not possible.

It solely stays to cross our fingers as a result of at Vox they already know that extra reflections will come from Tamames -beyond Catalonia- incompatible with the flags which might be within the DNA of the intense proper formation. His spokesperson Iván Espinosa de los Monteros yesterday was already speeding to placed on the band-aid earlier than the wound. For Vox, probably the most critical factor about Tamames is that he’s a “communist”. From there, cured of fright. In principle.

“The additional away he’s from Vox’s positions, the extra we prefer it,” says Espinosa, defending the suitability of the candidate. At NIUS we overview a few of these diametrically totally different “factors of view”. From his protection of the combat towards local weather change to the necessity immigration in Spain or girls’s rights.

Catalonia and the territorial mannequin

The Vox statutes set up because the group’s first objective ‘the protection of the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation’. Ramón Tamames as an alternative proposed in a letter addressed to Artur Mas, to benefit from the ‘procés’ to present Catalonia a brand new “standing” of a “Catalan Nation”. That was on October 3, 2017. The identical day that King Felipe VI addressed the nation after the unlawful referendum was held. He can be in favor of shifting the Senate to Barcelona.

The structure allows a Catalan state inside Spain (Ramón Tamames)

He reproached the then Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, for not accepting the fiscal pact that Mas had demanded years earlier than. In one other letter addressed to Rajoy, he defended that “the structure makes potential a Catalan state inside Spain.”

A curiosity. Tamames, one of many signatories of the Constitution and due to this fact defender of Title VIII on the territorial mannequin, in 1981 didn’t need Castilla-La Mancha to turn out to be an Autonomous Community. As deputy then of the Mixed Group, he defended as an alternative that or not it’s built-in in Madrid.


Illegal immigration, unaccompanied minors, and the hyperlink between immigration and safety are the three central factors of Vox’s anti-immigration discourse, which is profusely collected all through the 44 pages of the movement of no confidence registered on Monday in The congress.

Ramón Tamames, alternatively, has said on totally different events that “we’d like immigration like meals”. He wouldn’t repeal the present immigration legal guidelines, as a result of “closing the faucet” would appear to him “to sentence Spain to accelerated depopulation,” he mentioned on February 8 on TVE’s Channel 24H.

We want immigration like meals (Ramón Tamames)

In reality, in 2008, in a report on Romanian immigration in our nation, he defended “immigrants, who’ve contributed a lot to Spanish progress and the standard of lifetime of native Spaniards.” In 2017 he advocated a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa endowed with 224,000 million euros that within the European Union didn’t discover an echo because of the “populist diatribes”.

Fight towards local weather change and environmentalism

Vox brown beast that denies local weather change. In the final debate on the state of the nation, Santiago Abascal charged towards the “postulates of local weather fanaticism.”

A discourse that clashes head-on with the works, articles and books printed by Ramón Tamames. In “The cry of the earth: biosphere, change” printed in 2010, he factors out that the combat towards local weather change and world warming are “the nice challenges dealing with humanity within the twenty first century” and expressly calls for that politicians that “it’s assumed that we have now an issue”. Just the alternative of what Vox proclaims, which in 2021 voted towards the local weather change legislation.

The combat towards local weather change and world warming are the nice challenges dealing with humanity within the twenty first century (Ramón Tamames)

In the “Climate Apocalypse” of 2016, the professor defends a decarbonized society, various energies and the Paris Climate Agreement. Vox bets on coal to realize larger vitality sovereignty and denies the totally different local weather summits.

gender violence and abortion

Just just a few days in the past Ramón Tamames made a closed protection of this legislation in an interview on TVE. “Not in any respect. You should defend the lady as it’s a must to defend the person. There is little question that the lady has been repressed for a very long time,” he mentioned.

In 2014, the brown mess when defending the advisability of abortion in case of malformation of the fetus in a gathering of the chain of the bishops 13TV simply after the resignation of Gallardón for not having the ability to reform the abortion legislation. “If abortion is beneficial for one thing, it’s to guard the mom and in order that the unborn little one has an honest life,” she mentioned then, one thing that matches badly with the anti-abortion protocols that Vox defends.

The listing of discrepancies between Vox and Tamames may be very lengthy. The former chief of the PCE, founding father of Izquierda Unida, later a member of the CDS and who now flirts with the intense proper is a staunch defender of globalization (Abascal says that we should combat towards the “globalist consensus”), of vaccines towards the coronavirus (Vox refused necessary vaccination) and maintains that one of many biggest threats to democracy is populism as a result of it “proposes simple recipes for complicated issues.” Of course, at 89 years outdated, he additionally claims his “proper to evolve.”

Santiago Abascal has justified this second movement of no confidence as a result of Sánchez’s is “the worst authorities within the historical past of Spain.” We do not know what the outdated anti-Franco fighter additionally thinks of that.