Ballot containers of 34 polling stations are caught in Sarkegad

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6 November, Humla. The poll containers of the 34 polling stations the place the poll papers of the Provincial Assembly Constituency A of Humla have been collected have been left in Sarkegad rural municipality heart.

Out of 59 polling stations, the poll containers of 25 polling stations have been delivered to the headquarters, Simkot. The poll containers of 34 polling stations have been discovered to be caught within the polling stations of Tajakot, Chankheli, Adanchuli and Sarkegad rural municipalities.

Polling officer of Shambhu Basic School Dan Bahadur Bohra knowledgeable that though the poll field was requested to be moved by helicopter, the poll field continues to be caught in Sarkegad.

Bohra mentioned that he was bored with ready for the helicopter since morning since there was no initiative. After 136 poll containers of 34 polling stations of Province 1 have been caught in Sarkegad rural municipality heart, the counting of votes has not been finalized.

14 thousand 738 individuals have voted within the State Assembly.