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Ashok Rai: With UML after a decade of leaving it

12 November, Sunsari. Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) chief Ashok Kumar Rai has been elected as a member of the House of Representatives from Sunsari constituency no 1. Rai received as a member of the House of Representatives after defeating Goma Tamang, the candidate of the National Independent Party, by 453 votes. Rai bought 17 thousand 59 votes and Tamang bought 16 thousand 606 votes.

Muksamahang Subba of the Maoist Center bought 13 thousand 87 votes on behalf of the ruling coalition.

CPN-UML is the get together that has proved profitable within the parliamentary lifetime of Ashok Kumar Rai. CPN-UML supported Rai on this election. Rai left the CPN-UML 10 years in the past and joined the then Federal Socialist Forum.

Rai’s parliamentary journey since 2048 has been fruitful when he was in UML and ineffective when he left UML. Rai was an aspirant in Sunsari 1 within the yr 048. The get together adjustment at the moment led him to Khotang. Rai 2048 Khotang space no. He was elected to the House of Representatives from 3. In 051, he was elected to the House of Representatives from Khotang 2. He was defeated after the autumn of Udaipur in 056.

He left the CPN-UML in 2069 with a distinction of opinion on the difficulty of identification. At that point he was the vp of CPN-UML. Rai, who left the UML and shaped the then Federal Socialist Party, was elected to the Constituent Assembly in 2070. He was a candidate from the alliance with the Nepali Congress in 074 and was defeated by his personal political disciple Jayakumar Rai.

Rai turned Transport Minister from UML in 051. In 053 he turned the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs of the United Government and in 062 he turned the Minister of Health of the United Government.

Debedar in 048 from Dharan

During the enlargement of Male’s group within the east, Dharan Rai was the catch space. It was nearly sure that he can be a candidate from Dharan within the basic elections of 2004. The then Male determined Rai because the candidate in 047 November. However, Rai needed to go away this space after the CPN united with the Marxists with Manmohan Adhikari and Sahana Pradhan in January 2047.

“We requested the president to decide on a ‘consolation zone’,” Rai stated in a dialog with Online Khabar.

Ashok Kumar Rai himself nominated Manmohan Adhikari for the election. Addressed sitting until the election ceremony. Rai says, ‘My nomination was registered in Khotang by giving Wares to Devi Regmi, three days after the nomination was registered from Wares, I reached Lamidanda from Biratnagar and joined the marketing campaign.’

When he got here in 2079, Rai bought a ticket in Sunsari 1 by way of CPN UML and Jaspa alliance. This confirmed dissatisfaction in CPN-UML. State committee secretariat member Manoj Kumar Menyangbo, state member Kishore Kumar Karki and different leaders-activists from district committee to ward committee felt injustice to UML.

Manoj Kumar Menyangbo, the previous mayor of Dharan, who had fought for Sunsari 1 31 years in the past, stated that Ashok Kumar Rai was wanted, and stood in opposition to Ashok Rai. Mayangbo’s candidacy made Rai need to wrestle rather a lot. Meyangbo reduce 7 thousand 812 votes that would have are available favor of Rai.

After Ashok Rai’s candidacy needed to be withdrawn earlier than the 048 election, there was intense dissatisfaction among the many youth supporters of the then CPN-Male, which was led by Manoj Kumar.

After being elected within the present election with the boldness of UML, Rai says, ‘Politics has countless prospects.’


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