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Arrested for raping a minor subsequent to a grocery store in Valencia

Agents of the National Police have arrested a 23-year-old man of Spanish origin in Valencia, because the alleged perpetrator of against the law of sexual assault with penetration after forcing a minor whom he had met that very same day.

The assault occurred at midday on the loading and unloading dock of a meals institution within the metropolis, police sources have reported in a press release.

The occasions occurred on Monday at mid-morning when a minor was with a good friend within the Marxalenes park, and two different boys she didn’t know joined them.

At one level, her good friend left and she or he stayed with the 2 strangers with whom she went to a grocery retailer to purchase.

After leaving the premises, one in all them took her to the grocery store loading and unloading dock space, which was positioned behind the grocery store, the place he sexually assaulted her, going so far as penetrating her, although the sufferer tried to flee and present her refusal to have intercourse.

The minor tried to get away from her attacker on quite a few events and shouted for assist, which alerted a number of passersby who had been those who rebuked the perpetrator of the occasions and thereby motivated their flight.

The brokers of the UFAM Investigation Group had been conscious of the info and commenced the investigations that allowed the identification of the alleged perpetrator, who was arrested this Friday.


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