Ana Sandamil, discovered responsible of the homicide of her daughter Desirée after a repeat trial

The in style jury in control of judging the crime of Muimenta already has a verdict. After a day of deliberations, the courtroom has discovered Ana Sandamil responsible of the demise of her daughter, Desirée Leal, in 2019.

The consequence has been the identical as that of the primary trial. The jury considers that Ana Sandamil knowingly killed her seven-year-old daughter within the bed room of Muimenta’s home and that the psychological dysfunction she suffered from solely partially affected her skills.

After the responsible verdict of the favored jury, now it will likely be the courtroom of the Provincial Court of Lugo that decides what sentence will probably be imposed on Ana Sandamil.

Both the Prosecutor’s Office and the accusations, personal and in style, have requested that she be sentenced to everlasting reviewable jail. Ana Sandamil’s protection requested a whole protection, understanding that she was not conscious of what she was doing due to her psychological sickness.

The psychological state of Ana Sandamil, key

The psychological state of Ana Sandamil is the important thing aspect on which this trial has revolved and, additionally, what precipitated it to need to be repeated after the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG) decided that this case (the diploma of imputability of the defendant) had not been nicely argued by the primary citizen courtroom.

Knowing if this affectation was critical sufficient for him not to pay attention to his actions when he murdered his daughter was an necessary aspect, because it marked the distinction between being admitted to jail or to a psychiatric hospital.

In the primary trial, the jury concluded that Ana Sandamil didn’t have her psychological colleges fully annulled and that, due to this fact, she knew what she was doing. And that’s what the brand new courtroom that has judged her now reiterates.