101-year-old Nar Bahadur voted in Ramechhap

4 November, Ramechhap. 101-year-old Nar Bahadur Karki of Ramechhap has voted.

Karki voted at Hillepani polling station in Sukajor, Ward No. 7, Ramechhap municipality.

He mentioned that he has been voting within the elections since 2007. He mentioned that he was very pleased to vote this time too.

In Ramechhap, 22 candidates, together with 5 independent candidates, are within the election contest for the member of the House of Representatives, whereas 11 candidates are within the election contest within the State Assembly 1 and 12 candidates within the State Assembly 2.

There are 180 thousand 106 voters within the district with 87 thousand 633 in province 1 and 92 thousand 473 in province 2.